Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where have you been all my life?

Every so often I come across a product that wows me to the point that I have to wonder myself where on earth was this one when I could have used it most?! When Connor was little we did a lot of traveling and overnight stays with the grandparents. So much so I swear that my old playard was a fixture in my trunk.

I have to admit I love my old play yard its pretty, it matches my style, but at the time I bought it it was my primary crib that was a full time fixture in my bedroom. The only issue came when the play yard had to accompany me virtually everywhere and its HUGE and heavy even when folded down. I've carried it up the stairs at my cousin's house one too many times and seeing as she lives in an apartment above her office which has the steepest metal staircase my eyes actually flash before my eyes every time I have to carry it up the stairs. The real issue is if you have ever made a Christmas trip with a newborn you know just how much stuff you have to pack into a car for a three day stay and when your play yard takes up half of your truck already it gets a little interesting trying to pack.

The Babysuite Select from Evenflo was one of those products that made me want to slap my own self in the forehead. I was totally unprepared for its size as when my beloved BFF the UPS man dropped it off at my side door I actually ran after him convinced he had forgotten a second box. There was just no way a whole play yard would fit into a tiny.. light.. box. No way.. even as I unpacked it I felt as if it was some terrible joke and the bag in front of me must only have the bassinet inside.

Folded the Babysuite Select is HALF the size of my older play yard and by far the smallest play yard I have ever seen with my own eyes. Images of all the items I could have fit into my trunk all this time are flashing before my eyes as we speak. Not to mention that it feels a good ten pounds lighter. I know your probley thinking the same thing I was at this point.. hmm.. why is it so small it must be lacking in features or be flimbsy. I took it out of the bag, quickly unfolded it and set it up and gave it the best test I can think of, put an incredibly cranky Connor armed with his best trucks inside and see what happens. Usually in my older playard Connor can at least get a wiggle out of the playard if he throws all of his body weight against the sides and seriously nothing he did even remotely fazed the Babysuite. About those features, the BabySuite is not even remotely lacking in features it includes a changing table, parent organizer for all of your diaper changing supplies, bassinet attachment, and a toy bar. Really the only thing it doesn't have that I can think of is a vibrating feature or night light both of which I've never used on my other playard.

The best part though, the Babysuite Select from Evenflo is incredibly affordable at under $100 its very reasonably priced and you will really appreciate that extra space in the trunk when you go to grandma's house at Christmas because everyone knows you need extra space so you can bring home more presents!

You can learn more about the Babysuite Select as well as the other Babysuite models over at the Evenflo website. I can already tell you we have the "Connor" model of course. heh.


Momma J said...

I agree - where was this when I needed it!!


I'm the Mom said...

Wow I am so glad you posted this. I was just online this morning looking at play yards for the new baby and saw this and wondered about it. I am glad to hear you like it so much! I think I will get the Pink Cuddle Bear one I was looking at.

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