Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WD-40 on your carpets?

Seriously just the thought of WD-40 on my carpet sounds like a stain waiting to happen. Would you be surprised to know that the same people that have brought us a household product that I think everyone has used and depends on is now producing a carpet stain treatment?

Carpet stains are way too common around here, between a toddler, umm eight dogs, and did I say a toddler? Needless to say that I like to keep on top of any new carpet cleaning products on the market as well we need them! When we heard about WD-40s new product The Spot Shot we figured we just had to give it a try!

Our first "test" was on some ground in fruit snacks. Connor has a fruit snack and pop tart addiction, sadly this also means that its pretty common for us to get gooey fruit stains on the carpet, which might I add, are incredibly hard to get out of the carpet. I've tried several products but usually it just leaves polka dots on the carpet or I end up having to scrub and scrub before I get it clean, I keep feeling as if I am going to scrub my rug off the backing.

Well our first test went really well actually I sprayed the Spot Shot on and let it sit a few moments and lightly scrubbed and you know it came up! I've also used it on milk spots on the carpet with the same luck. I just wish everything worked this well first time around!

Check out the Spot Shot website for more information! Thanks Mom Central for letting us know!

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rebecca said...

Ha, I have used this before and never knew it was made my WD-40. I finally caved and got a little portable carpet cleaner/scrubber machine. Of course the noise makes the baby wail, but it got the 'suprise a bottle of formula fell behind the end table and exploded' smell out and that was a miracle. You never want to find those things by the smell test.

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