Monday, October 20, 2008

That dog can dance!

Electronic gadgets have always gotten my attention be it a toy or a new mp3 player but when the first Idog was invented I swear they were calling my name.

The very first Idog other than being adorable was not enough to get me out to the store though girls and boys everywhere couldn't get enough of them. Part speaker for your mp3 player, part light show, part desktop pet you could plug your mp3 player up to them and listen to the music or set them near a speaker while you watch the lights on the face blink to the music.

As the Idog has matured so has its features as well as its personality. The newest Idog the Idog Dance is the most impressive Idog to date and its invention actually gets me more reved up for future incantations. The Idog Dance does not dissapoint with all of its new features. Like the previous Idog's before him his face lights up in a series of dots that match his moods and the music playing as well as responds to having his nose or tail touched. His head and ears move to music much like his little brothers but where it gets intresting is the fact that his foot taps to the beat and when he gets really excited he stands up on his back legs and twists.

If that is not cool enough for you you don't even need music to play with your Idog. His face is touch sensitive and you can issue a set of commands by touching the Idog Dance's face to get him to do what you want. It will dance on command, tap his paw, and stay which is basicly the command to get him to stop doing anything he was doing previously. I gives the Idog Dance his own little personality. Mine just happens to love John Mayer for some odd reason as well. heh. I guess he's been hanging out with Connor too much.

One little thing I should mention if you own a previous Idog you will be blown away by the quality of the speakers on the Idog Dance. The sound is clear and crisp and he really makes for a great set of speakers for your mp3 player!

You can learn more about the Idog Dance as well as pick up your own at Hasbro's website and the Hasbro store!


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