Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweeny Todd is out on Bluray!

The very first musical play I ever saw was none other than Sweeney Todd and I absolutely loved it. When I heard that my favorite director of all time, Tim Burton, was redoing the most awesome musical ever made as a feature film I was pretty excited to say the least. Not to mention that the always fabulous Johnny Depp was to be the main star I mean how can you go wrong?

The only issue was that in the standard version I had the worst time actually hearing the actors either they were super loud while singing and so quiet during the parts where they are almost talking that I had a really hard time keeping up with the movie so much so I was terribly dissapointed with the movie. The visuals were great, there was a ton of gore but again it was appropriate for the movie in question, the issue over and over was the sound quality.

However, with that said, its so odd how just releasing a movie in bluray can give the movie a whole new life. The visuals on the bluray version are out of this world though if blood gets to you the gore factor is inhanced in bluray as you can just see it better and I'll warn you now the last scene is not pretty.

My issues with the sound quality is vastly improved in the bluray version. You can hear the actors and the soundtrack seems more equal in volume. It gives the whole movie a whole new life and for those of you that complained earlier about the quality of the sound in the standard version, a complaint I've heard several times, watching it in bluray will give you almost a euphoric feeling of validation. heh. The most supprising part is... Johnny Depp can SING!

If you get the chance to check it out make sure you check out Sweeney's London in the extra features its really intresting to get a real look into the real life London at the time the fictional Todd would have existed.

You can get your own copy of Sweeney Todd on bluray on Amazon right now!


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