Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sing a song of the Wiggles!

The Wiggles are back in a all new DVD special, Sing a Song of Wiggles which is the Wiggles take on nursery rhymes you may know by heart but have never seen quite like this.

I'm not sure whats funnier the Wiggles who happen to be grown men making a fool of themselves dancing around singing kid songs.. or the fact that they are in the most flamboyant costumes at all times. If your not 3 and under its actually really hilarious, Connor on the other hand find's the Wiggles very entertaining and prime dancing music.

From Old MacDonald to Baa Baa Black sheep the Wiggles cover some of the easiest and catchiest nursery rhymes that you will find yourself singing later. I had to laugh though as I'm a little teapot is included and during high school my best friend Natasha and I spent a summer following college guys around making them sing I'm a Little Teapot for us while we video taped it. I have a video of countless poor guys doing it most of which I have no idea who they are. I'm half tempted to upload it to you tube but I can imagine one of them sitting in a board room somewhere looking at you tube thinking, who is this insane person with a video of me. I think the Wiggles do a much better job though. heh.

One of the bonus features is Dorothy the Dinosaur's Sydney Adventure which got Connor pretty darn excited as he just happened to have gotten his own dinosaur costume that looks an awful lot like Dorothy for Halloween. It was hilarious watching him sitting there in his dino costume watching Dorothy!

Now excuse me while I attempt to get Old MacDonald out of my head and the vision of the Wiggles dressed up in overalls and grey beards... heh.

You can get your own copy of Sing a Song of Wiggles over at Amazon!


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