Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silverhawks on DVD!

The 80s keeps just rearing its head over and over and the rerelease of the Silverhawks brings us one step closer to seeing all of my favorite childhood favorites back again ready to share with my own son.

Silverhawks at the time of its release was really unique and it still stands out among other space/robot shows purely from its unique premise. Flying cyborgs in space... I know it sounds cheezy but I promise its really actually pretty darn cool. Made by the same production house as the Thundercats it bears alot of simularities though the Thundercats were always more popular mostly from the standpoint of the toys. The Silverhawks were basicly a group of organized crime fighting cyborgs who set out to end the space "mofia".

Personally my favorite part about the entire tv series was this strange looking little kid Cyborg named The Copper Kid. Not only was he really cool looking but he was obessed with science and talked in this weird series of whistles and a weird voice. I would watch a whole episode as a kid just to see him.

Silverhawks Season One
includes 32 episodes enough to keep your kids occupied for quite some time.

Your in luck the very first season of the Silverhawks is available right now and you can pick up your own copy on Amazon!


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