Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ready to take to the road?

I think every kid wishes for a scooter at some point, I do not know what it is about them but there is just something cool about hitting the street with one. It's not a bike, its not a skateboard, you can do tricks on it and there is just something pleasing about being that close to the ground below you.

There is a couple of problems with a standard scooter. Most scooters have two wheels which makes riding them a bit of a challenge to beginners and younger riders. The other issue is most families already have bikes, tricycles, and a host of other items to try to cram into the family storage area the problem at least I have is there is very little space left in my storage unit for one more plaything.

The new Fuzion Electron by Nextsport has to be a mom's and even a kid's dream come true when it comes to scooters. It has a unique four wheel design that allows the scooter to stay very stable on any terrain and its much easier for a beginner to master. Not to mention the entire frame is made of aluminum so even the younger users will find it easy to carry.

This is no regular scooter though! No kid will be able to resist its cool features including a 360 degree swivel steering that makes this scooter trick friendly. It also folds down flat so the entire scooter will fit comfortably in a backpack which makes transporting it very easy as well as storing it a dream come true. I know my biggest concern with the folding feature was how would the scooter hold up to the damage a average preteen boy could do to it? Well lets just say that it will take anything you can throw at it including using it for trick riding.

Here's the nitty gritty.. the Fuzion Electron is rated for children 7 years or older but seriously I would feel comfortable allowing my four and five year old cousins playing with it without hesitation. It really just depends on the motor skills of the children in question my four year old cousin can already ride a two wheeled scooter and I think he would have a blast playing with the Electron as I think it would actually be even better for him with the four wheels. Really the only drawback is the fact that it has a 130lb weight limit though It was rugged enough that it did hold me just fine, I am over the weight limit. I'm sure that weight limit was made for a reason so it may not hold up to constant use from a parent or heavier kid. That's a bit of a shame as with its folding feature it would be amazingly awesome for a college kid to get around campus.

The best part though is the price an average price of $59.99 its much cheaper than a bike, safer than a skate board, and incredibly portable and sortable. If your looking for a wow factor toy for someone on your Christmas list this may just be the one.

You can learn more about the Fuzion Electron as well as its bigger brothers and sisters over at the Fuzion website! Its available at most major toy and sporting good stores and you can pick one up on Amazon as well!


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