Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Looking for a great halloween costume?

I know I personally have a thing for Halloween costumes that can be used well after Halloween is over. The problem with many of the costumes you can get cheaply at many stores is the fact that they are so cheaply made you barely make it through Halloween before they are worn out. Plus who wants a Halloween costume you can only wear once? Half the fun of a costume is using it for dress up well before Halloween and long after all the candy is gone.

I actually came across Little Adventures when I was looking for items for my holiday guides for dress up, but why not "dress up" for Halloween? Inspired by our newest plush friend a huge green dragon puppet we have been playing "knights" an awful lot these days and I almost hate to admit this but its not uncommon for you to find both Connor and myself sitting in the living room floor both of us wearing our own knights capes. My cape this week is courtesy of Little Adventures and is their prince cape model. Sized fairly generously the neck is stretchy so it easily fits Connor though at this point its floor length and I've tried it on a five and seven year old and again it fits perfectly it just gets shorter as the child grows. It actually comfortably fits my neck as well heh.

I absolutely love the prince's cape and I couldn't be happier with the quality as its certainly not the cheap satin material that you find in many Halloween costumes that barely last through a few wears. The Little Adventures cape is made of a crushed velvet on one side and a soft silk on the other. The neck velcros on and is adjustable for little people and stretch for older children. I have a feeling Connor will be easily wearing his cape until he no longer has any interest in wearing a cape anymore as though its a little short on me it easily fits my neck as well. At about half the price of many of the boutique styled capes that have become popular lately its a great and quality option for parents looking to add to their dress up collection.

The coolest thing is next year I can add a few more accessories and easily make a pirates or knights costume for Connor to wear next Halloween as well! I would use it as part of his Halloween costume this year but seeing as its pretty much floor length I didn't want him to drag it around in the grass and ruin it.

If your looking for some costume ideas that you can use far past Halloween night that are actually very very affordable head on over to Little Adventures right now!


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