Friday, October 17, 2008

The elections are looming Charlie Brown!

Though not one of the best known Charlie Brown specials, You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown was originally released in 1972 ironically enough the year Nixon was elected and the big ticket items on the agenda were the Vietnam war and racism. Nixon won by a huge percentage and Charlie Brown ruled the TV.

For something as stressful as a election in a time where parents are feeling the pressure, Your Not Elected Charlie Brown is very light hearted and very much a Charlie Brown feature. I can't believe that I had never seen it at all up till now. Actually the funny thing is I had a Joe Cool Snoopy action figure growing up and this is the first time you see Snoopy's Joe Cool side.

You know I even hate to admit this here but I'm not a big fan of presidential elections.. not in the general sense but its just all incredibly stressful as we have learned the wrong president can really put a wrench in the system. Not that saying any one person is perfect and no one is a superhero.. but you just never really know how its going to work out until the person elected is there and at first I was a little hesitant about the DVD as I'm not sure how I feel about introducing children to adult issues at least not so early. To my relief though there really is nothing political at all about the You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown DVD.

There are actually two episodes included on the DVD the feature You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown runs for class president against Linus who's entire campaign mostly consists of him talking about the Great Pumpkin. All the while Joe Cool, aka Snoopy is causing trouble by being the bad boy of school and in the end gets himself in a little too much trouble and is forced to leave.

The second episode on the the DVD is He's a Bully, Charlie Brown which though the premise of the episode is about bullies a good majority of the show focuses on how Patty is jealous of Marcie as she gets to go to camp with Charlie Brown while Patty is stuck in summer school and Marie has a crush on Charlie Brown. If you have never payed attention in Charlie Brown cartoons Peppermint Patty is hopelessly in love with Charlie Brown and this Marcie thing just does not go over well with her. It's kinda cute, Charlie Brown has two girls fighting over him and of course like every guy I know he is totally and I do mean totally oblivious. Boys...

u're Not Elected, Charlie Brown is available right now and you can pick your copy up on Amazon just in time for the election coming up.


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