Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Connor's favorite thing in the world - water.

I've mentioned several times that my child would rather bathe than eat any day, and any toy involving water gets him excited. So I am always on the lookout for amazing new water related toys.

Spin Master has two new toys that would make excellent additions to your Christmas shopping list especially for those on your list who like Connor love water.

I'm sure most of you are at least mildly familiar with the Aquadoodle brand. Up till recently I had heard the name often but never had the opportunity to try out an Aquadoodle toy. The Aquadoodle Draw and Doodle is a large mat that lays on the floor which children can draw on. The big surprise for me is the fact that you literally draw on the Aquadoodle with water! The Aquadoodle Draw and Doodle comes with a pen that you fill with plain tap water and it works much like a felt tipped marker as you draw on the mat it releases just enough water to make your drawings on the mat. Connor has just gotten into drawing and our biggest issue has been his attempts to eat and/or draw on himself with the markers. At least with the Aquadoodle if he draws on his face, clothes, or the carpet its just water and he is none the wiser. The mat itself has some step by step directions on how to draw simple drawings all along the edges of the mat which is great for beginners to have something to practice. I can easily see the mat being as fun for a 3 year old as it is a six year old and you can just pack it up in your bag and take it with you anywhere you need a distraction. I only wish it came with two pens so we could both draw at the same time. You can be pretty excited about the fact that there are no pens or paper to buy and the mat and pen can be used over and over and over... and water last I checked was still free!

The toy from Spin Master that I am most excited about, however, is the Bath Blizzard. I had purchased a "bath bubble maker" in another brand for Connor's first birthday. It made it through about two baths before I had to permanently retire it as water got into the bubble maker and it would only make about six bubbles before I had to rescue it out of the tub and Connor got incredibly frustrated. The Bath Blizzard doesn't make single bubbles but instead makes "foam" which cascades out of the machine for an instant bubble bath. Connor loves bubble baths but I have a hard time keeping the bubbles going normally as I usually don't make his water very deep to keep him from slipping so if we do use any bubble bath the bubbles are gone within a few minutes. With the Bath Blizzard not only does it produce a large amount of bubbles that are endlessly fun to play with, hey even I like to use it, but the bubbles can actually be used as soap as well! I was a bit concerned that you would have to buy the Kid Klean Bubbles to use the Bath Blizzard as nothing would be worst than to have to explain to Connor we cannot use his bubble maker tonight as Mommy ran out of bubbles. Between my school schedule and his dad's new night shift running to the store is more of a challenge these days. Thankfully if you run out of bubbles you have two options. You can add bubble bath to the bath tub and use the bubble maker to stir up the water creating bubbles which also works really well if you've used up all the bubbles during a bath and just want to refresh what you have. Or if you have a high quality bubble bath you can use that in replacement of the Kid Klean bubbles which worked fairly well for us as well. I think the Kid Klean bubbles actually work a tad big better but its good to know we have other options in a pinch when needed.

Not that Connor needed any extra encouragement to take a bath but its certainly a new distraction especially on those days we are fighting a bad diaper rash and he has to take extra baths to calm his hiney. I have to admit I kinda like it too as nothing is better than a bubble bath after a really stressful day and I've had my share of them lately.

The Kid Klean Bath Blizzard and the Aquadoodle Draw and Doodle are available from several major retailers as well as on Amazon! If your looking for a great deal on the Aquadoodle visit! The Kid Klean Bath Blizzard is available directly as well at an amazing price!

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Aquadoodles are a lot of fun for little kids!

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