Saturday, October 18, 2008

Careful angry Rhinos ahead!

I grew up on board games, one of my first memories playing with my cousins was actually playing Sorry on the floor of my grandmother's living room. Its actually one of the few memories I still have of her house sadly and to be honest I can't even remember who I was playing with though I'd assume it was with one of my younger cousins but the color of the carpet, the game, the way my grandmother's house always smelled like something was on the stove is all still very real. That's half the reason why I wanted to include a good sampling of board games in our holiday reviews, if your on a budget board games are one of the cheapest toys to buy as they stay entertaining as I still get just as excited to play some of my old favorites today as I did when I was 12. It's really not the game so much as spending time with the people you love. Now with that little walk down memory lane let me introduce you to Rhino Rampage.

Rhino Rampage is yet another no reading skills necessary game that the whole family can enjoy. Each player up to four players gets a set of little plastic birds. There is one diamond shaped dice which each player rolls in turn and then moves their bird that many moves around the Rhino. The goal of the game is to get your birds onto the Rhino's back which seems fairly easy enough the only issue is that if someone rolls a Rhino you push the Rhino's tail and he totally freaks out knocking some or even sometimes all of the birds off the playing area. Heh. Its kind of like watching a train wreck when you know its coming. For the most part its totally a game of luck as you really never know when or how the Rhino will strike as his movements seem to be fairly random and even just how high the birds are stacked can mean they fall off or not.

Kids will love it as what kid does not get overly excited about a "novelty board game", a game that quite simply has a cool factor just in the way its made. I remember growing up that game for me was Rock Em Sock Em Robots it was loud, plastic, and again a game that's is pretty chaotic and involves a lot of luck and a little bit of skill. As a parent you will love the fact that all of the playing pieces on the game are really sturdy. No paper money that could get wet, eaten by the little people, or thousands of little pieces you could loose as really its only the rhino and the birds and dice to worry about.

Rhino Rampage is available at most toy stores, department stores and of course you can get yours on Amazon!


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