Monday, September 15, 2008

What to wear on the playground this fall?

Connor is on his feet ALL the time these days and having great outdoor shoes is a must as that little man can runnn!

Finding a great looking pair of shoes for a active toddler can be tricky, they need to have flexible soles, stay on those fast moving feet, and of course look great. Robeez fall line of Tredz do just that. With the same super stay on powers that their soft soled shoes have you won't be looking all over the yard for that lost shoe. Like their soft soled shoes Robeez Tredz are flexible but durable enough and waterproof for outdoor wear.

Introduced last spring just before Connor's birthday the Robeez Tredz have been a hit since the day they were released. Actually getting a pair the first few months was the hardest part as they were selling out online almost as fast as they could make them, and don't even get me started about how hard they were to find locally. Actually my local store still has trouble keeping them in stock and is currently sold out since school started. In sizes from 12-24 months they pretty much will follow your child from their first steps to almost preschool (and at the rate Connor's feet are growing he may just make it to kindergarden in his.. heh.. hopefully I'm wrong about that but thus far he has inherited my tiny feet).

The new fall line brought new styles and more to drool over. With Halloween approaching I had to get myself a pair of the Monsters in Navy and if you had seen Connor at my father's birthday dinner tonight you would have realized why that was the perfect choice. I swear that child is turning into the Tasmanian devil as we speak. Can anyone recommend a good baby wrangler? heh

While I try to get my little monster under control, why don't you guys hop on over to Robeez and check out the Monster Trez for yourself as well as the rest of the Tredz line! Hmm I'm starting to wonder if I should have gotten the Dylans instead as possibly he would have traded in all this monster behavior for something a bit classier like the Dylans style. heh. One could only dream.

Robeez Tredz
are available for purchase directly on the Robeez website or you can use the store locator to find a store near you that sells them!


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