Saturday, September 20, 2008

Simple Beauty

I've started to realize that I'm slowly getting addicted to jewelry which is odd as before I started this blog I've always appreciated jewelry but I was one of those girls that loved to look at other people's jewelry but never wore more than one piece at a time myself. However you will never find me without my vintage inspired diamond ring or my actual vintage heirloom ring which I reserve for special occasions as I'd have a heart attack if I lost it. The same goes for my large collection of pearl necklaces, none of which are white which seems a bit odd, that I collected slowly while my parents lived in Hawaii.

Though these days I actually feel naked without a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. Mind you that is a lot of jewelry for me so I feel its really important that finding really great, classic, simple pieces that really talk to who I am and what my style is. When I came across Emmie Kate I was so excited I knew exactly which piece was for me. The Emmie Kate Mom bracelet is by far one of my new favorite every day pieces. I can wear it with anything, a pearl necklace for going out, one of my casual necklaces with a pair of jeans, and no matter what I pair with it, it never seems out of place.

The biggest reason I choose it though as there were so many other tempting pieces, was the fact that it did not have a picture of Connor or his name anywhere on the bracelet. Not that I don't love seeing my little man looking back up at me from my wrist, but I've inherited so many Connor based jewelry that I worry a bit when and if I have another child they will worry that Mommy doesn't love them as everything on my body says "Connor" so instead this time I decided I needed something that said exactly who I am and who I feel I have been craving to be my entire life. So my Emmie Kate bracelet just simply says "mom" framed by two beautiful little dragonflies. It's so simple, and so gorgeous, I am just in love with it.

The only thing we are missing now is a Emmie Kate bracelet for Connor that says "baby" or "rockstar" as he is truly my little baby rockstar!

Emmie Kate has so many amazingly gorgeous designs that I could spend all day over there. Head on over to Emmie Kate to check them out for yourself!


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