Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shrek the Third is back!

Shrek the Third is back better than ever, newly re-released in blu-ray. Shrek just happens to be my favorite kids series since I was a kid and though the second movie was by far my favorite from the series thus far, the third movie opens in the midst of parental bliss in the Shrek family.

The best part about this re-release is the blu-ray special features. Easily my favorite of them is the "parenting advice" offered by each of the characters for Shrek. How many parents experienced that unwanted "advice" from other parents given out of (most of the time) love of friends and family but just gets taxing after you've heard it over and over. Well now you can give Shrek the same experience as you listen to all his friends give him some advice. heh. I'm not sure why that amuses me so, but it does.

Once your tired of Shrek's guide to parenting you can head on over and learn to do the donkey dance (complete with the moves) from donkey himself. Connor and I tried it but we ended up resorting to Connor's typical stomping dance, I'm not sure either one of us is quite ready for dancing lessons... heh.

I'm still really new to blu-ray but it still just takes my breath away how truly better the movies that I've previously watched in standard format the very same tv look so absolutely stunningly different. You just can't help to stare especially with the Dreamworks movies. It just gives the characters such a crisp look you can't help to notice.

Shrek the Third on blu-ray is available right now on Amazon!


Kathie said...

Great movie.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Ann said...

I just watched this movie yesterday with the whole family and again, it's a great movie!!!

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