Saturday, September 20, 2008

Love Guru goes Blu Ray!

Yesterday we talked about The Love Guru and today I wanted to talk a little about the differences in the original and the Blue Ray edition.

I was immediately blown away with the sheer difference in the regular dvd and the Blu Ray edition from purely a image standpoint. The Indian garb and sets in the standard DVD is pretty and actually one of my favorite parts of the movie as I absolutely love to see women in traditional Indian garb, but seeing it in Blu Ray almost makes it a whole new movie.

The colors are so vibrant, and so sharp, on the Blu Ray version you may find yourself a bit distracted by the background as especially when on some of the dancing numbers with the absolutely gorgeous Indian women their dresses are so bright and so colorful its a virtual rainbow of colors. I still can't get over just how different the images are.

The other thing I just have to mention is when watching the standard DVD I had a bit of trouble hearing some of the background noise or some of the scenes but that is not even remotely an issue in the Blu Ray version. Actually I heard little of the background during the hockey scenes other than a bunch of rubble rubble but during the Blu Ray version I could hear everything, even the individuals in the crowd.

In the extra features the bloopers track as well as the deleted scenes is worth some extra time. There are a TON of extra features included so you may be hard pressed to watch them all in one night. All of the extra features are presented in HD as well.

The Love Guru on Blu Ray is available at Amazon!


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