Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Family get togethers made simple!

If your from a large family, have had to plan an event for more than five people, or even participate in a playgroup you can appreciate how hard it is at times to get people together and all on the same page.

I've used online invites for virtually every party I have ever had not that everyone has the Internet in this family, but certainly those that do seem to really appreciate how easy it is to use and respond to an online RSVP. The only issue with online invite sites is that it sends out the invite, people RSVP and that's virtually the end of it.

What if you could not only send out invites, but fully organize events all in one place? Qlubb is a new site that does just that. You can do pretty much anything you could think of all in one place. Plan events, assign who does what, share pictures, or even have sign up lists. Actually the one thing that came to mind is after going to Connor's uncle's wedding where most of the guests came from all over the country, how awesome it would have been if we all used Qlubb. Arrivals, departures, events, and even picture sharing would have been SOO much easier with Qlubb.

Now if I could only get my family all online Qlubb would be just perfect for our many family get togethers and especially those birthday parties which seem to be two or three times a month, there is after all 36 kids to have parties for.. heh.

A big thanks to Mom Central for telling us about Qlubb, head on over there to check out Qlubb for yourself too!


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