Friday, September 19, 2008

Every little kid's dream!

I've been practically stalking toys for the holiday season, and I just couldn't keep my mind off of Connor's wagon. Connor has actually had two wagons thus far in his short little life and neither one of them ever really satisfied us in the long run.

The first wagon was great, it had pop up seats, a built in cooler, it fit perfectly in the back of my car for trips to the zoo, but it was hard to keep him in it long as there were no seat belts and it was built pretty low to the ground so he could easily hop out.

The second wagon was a bit bigger, it had the same pop up seats, built in cup holders, and seat belts! It was really sort of the BMW of plastic wagon land. The only issue with the second stroller was it didn't fit in the back of our car as easily. All of which was fine, but I was really depressed to learn that Connor would just not ride in it very long. See the real problem is our road is concrete and VERY bumpy so the classic plastic wagon just doesn't work out as the hard plastic wheels vibrate very bad on it. This has been a constant problem with many outdoor toys we have as Connor can't stand the vibration of plastic wheels on our road.

My dad made a comment to me once in passing "you just need to get him and old fashioned wagon". Enter the Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon its the classic type wagon, a flat cargo area, wooden sides, and if our last wagon was the BMW of wagons this wagon is the Rolls Royce of wagons. I had never considered a flat bottomed wagon as I always just assumed wagons "needed" seats or more so I just thought Connor would be uncomfortable without a seat to sit in. Though as a child my wagon never had a seat and I absolutely loved riding in it.

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagonn includes a wooden base, pneumatic tires, remove able wooden slat sides, and an extra long metal handle and ball joint. So ok, you wont get a built in cooler, and it may be a bit too big to fit into a smaller SUV's truck area, but this wagon will easily pull over virtually any terrain you throw at it and those air filled tires provides one of the smoothest rides you could imagine over even the bumpiest of roads. The tires also allow the wagon to glide easily which makes it the easiest to pull wagon we have ever used. The biggest advantage though is the fact that the wooden sides are very easy to remove which gives the wagon a whole new life after the kids are done playing. You can use it to pull the kids around in the afternoon, and pile it up with your gardening supplies later on. With a wooden base though I would highly recommend that you cover the cargo area if your planning on pulling around anything wet to protect the wood.

Don't worry, our old wagon found a new home at the grandparents house who happen to live on a very nice smooth road, but we are happy to report that we do not even remotely miss the seats or seat belts. Connor in the meantime is loving riding around the entire neighborhood in his new wagon and have been doing some serious off roading at the park as well. The ride is so smooth in fact that Melos has agreed to ride along as well. With a 200 lb weight limit the Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon will easily hold two or even three kids or just about anything you can throw at it around the house.

A little side note, Connor loves his wagon so much we walked across the neighborhood a few weeks ago to our friend Kandace's house. The only issue is it started raining once we got there and we would have been soaked before we could get back home. Needless to say we had to leave the wagon there and get a ride home but it just keep raining and I didn't want to leave my wagon out in the rain too long so we went back in the car to get wagon and seeing as it wouldn't fit I had to sit in the back of the car and literally pull it back behind the car. You have to give those pneumatic tires two thumbs up as though I do not highly recommend this I successfully pulled the wagon back home six blocks going 15 miles per hour. Which may seem slow but it was lightening fast for a wagon and it took it like a champ.

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon is worth every penny, I do highly recommend however that you purchase either the Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Pad Set, or use a thick quilt as padding on long wagon trips just to make your little ones more comfortable. If your looking for something just a bit smaller the Radio Flyer All-Terrain Wagon is very similar but a bit lighter and shorter.

The Radio Flyer All-Terrain Cargo Wagon and Radio Flyer All Terrain Wagon are available for purchase on Amazon!

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that's what we got jasper for his birthday!

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