Monday, August 11, 2008

Connor is riding like a rockstar!

You may not be all that familiar with Bumbleride strollers, but you should be! We recently got the pleasure of getting to try out a Bumbleride Indie and let me tell you, we are more than impressed!

The Bumbleride Indie comes in a delicious assortment of colors including the seagrass/blue color which reminds me a bit of the incoming tide at the beach. Even though I am pretty partial to the Seagrass its really hard choosing a favorite between the color combinations which in my opinion are some of the best choices in strollers I have seen.

The Indie itself is a medium sized stroller at 20lbs and features a full set of all terrain tires. This gives the Indy one of the smoothest rides you will find on virtually any terrain. I've used my Indie in the yard, on gravel, pavement, and just around the mall and I can't really feel much of a difference in its handling power regardless of the terrain. It mildly resembles a smaller jogging stroller and though its not necessarily designed to be a full time jogging stroller it does feature a lock on the front wheel so you can use it for light running use as well. And though I classify this stroller as a medium weight stroller, in comparison to other all terrain strollers the Indie is easily one of the lightest you will find!

The biggest pet peeve I have with strollers is that many of them lack a decent sun shade that pulls forward to protect the child's eyes regardless of what time of day it is or what possition the child is laying. The Bumbleride Indie meets and exceeds all of my hopes and dreams for the perfect sunshade. Its HUGE, and when fully extended almost extends far enough to cover the entire child. That alone is worth every extra penny you could spend on a stroller as I am a nut about protecting little ones from UV damage both skin wise and on those developing eyes.

The simply awesome sun shade and great tires are not the only things that set this stroller apart from its competition. Its chocked so full of features it would actually take me several pages to discuss them all but I'll try. First and for most the one feature that I have been looking for in a stroller is a universal infant car seat attachment. The Bumbleride Indie features a infant car seat bar that comes standard with the stroller, no extra pieces to buy! Though it may not fit every infant car seat known to man, it will certainly fit most if not anything you throw at it.

Along with that the Bumbleride comes standard with a footmuff that matches the stroller, so if its a chilly day there is no need to stress out if you forget your blanket! The stroller also comes outfitted with a matching removable bumper bar, cup holder, adjustable handlebars (no tools required), a fully adjustable back rest that almost lays flat, not to mention the biggest basket I have yet to see in a stroller.

I really cannot say enough great things about this stroller. The only thing its missing from the Bumbleride Indie to that of a much more expensive stroller is the lack of an optional bassinet, though with the universal infant car seat you wont miss it much. However, if your heart is set on a bassinet check out the Bumbleride Queen B, I think I had a dream last night about a Bumbleride Queen B in that stunning Seagrass color, I know I know I am indeed that much of a stroller nut. I should mention that the Bumbleride Indie does come equipped with an adjustable footrest which adjusts all the way up almost making a foot stop meaning that a newborn can comfortably ride in the main stroller without slipping down. Actually the Bumbleride will comfortably hold a newborn to a child up to 45lbs.

You can visit Bumbleride to find out more about their strollers as well as use their store locator to find a Bumbleride near you and locate them online!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun stroller! My favorite is the Queen B in rose color.

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