Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to earth!

If you have ever had your kids ask you "How was the earth made?" you really must get Earth the Biography on DVD.

The DVD covers volcanoes and how volcanoes actually helped form life as we know it , to the ice age, major extinctions, renewal of life on earth, the atmosphere, and even how glaciers shaped the earth and our bodies of waters. Its really my entire college biology class summed into two amazing and draw dropping DVDS. Seriously they could have just shown this and saved me from having to drudge myself through all of my professor's toneless jabber, though as much as I adore him, he did have a tendency to put me to sleep. Not that the whole semester was wasted, I did get the chance to check my email quite often. heh. Shh, don't tell him!

The only thing I really hate about watching or reading about information on how the earth was formed and evolved is the mass extinctions bit. Not to be all gloom and doom, but they happen and quite frankly if I hear one more time about how we are due for another one, I think I will throw up. I can't even tell you how many times I had that drilled into my head over the last semester and yes, this DVD does sort of mention it too but instead of being all doom and gloom its really more about how we need to save the earth for ourselves. This is our home after all.

The scenery alone is well worth every penny for this series. Its beautifully done and I've played it in the background on my large LCD TV and I catch Connor staring with his mouth wide open quite often even if the sound is turned down. I particularly love the illustration of the earth cut in half to show the molten core, its beautiful and so realistic that it even made me stop and stair.

Earth the Biography is available at Amazon!


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