Friday, August 8, 2008

The perfect Diaper Cady!

When I was in the midst of registering for Connor's baby shower I ran across the JJCole Travel Pod set. I always loved the color options and highly appreciated the lack of cutsie prints and the classic tiny little bears, which to be quite honest I am just totally burnt out on. Though I do still appreciate the "unexpected" print, if I see one more baby item covered in little ducks or tiny bears I think I may just scream. No offence little ducks and bears but even babies need something more!

Up till now I have been keeping Connor's diapers and accessories in a plastic bin, and let me tell you, that is just not working for me. I have been meaning to look for a new diaper caddy for awhile now it just kept getting pushed off, or the ones I was finding were just overly glorified plastic bins, basically the same thing I had but in a prettier presentation.

When I came across the diaper caddy over at JJCole I was speechless, its not plastic, its not ugly, and it actually is very functional and even includes a great pull out drawer that is just the right thing for all those tiny little tubes of misc stuff that just gets lost in the bottom of that dreaded diaper bin. It all looked great in pictures but its a thousand times better in person. Not only does all our supplies have the perfect little spot to put them in, but the diaper caddy is actually fairly compact without sacrificing any storage space. My caddy easily holds more than I could ever wish for! We have a least a day's worth of diapers, four full sized lotions, three tubs of diaper rash cream, and a bottle of hair oil all in the top two storage bins. In our drawer we have a thermometer, extra pacifiers, three small tubes of misc rash creams, two sets of finger nail clippers, and its not uncommon for Connor to stuff one or two small toys in there as well. That's all of the stuff we had in our big plastic bin plus more. To add to the awesomeness the JJCole Diaper caddy has a hidden changing pad stuffed in a back pocket which will make those of you like us who do not have a changing table want to give it a big kiss. I should note that I choose to use the spot that most people would put wipes in to hold my diapers and instead leave my wipes by themselves on the shelf beside the caddy. If I added my wipes into my caddy I would only be able to store two or three lotions up top, which is still more than what most people need. Connor only needs more as I am constantly lotioning him to prevent his eczema outbreaks.

The best part is, its still much much smaller than my old bin and its so easy to carry from room to room. I can easily just pick it up and move it into our room if we have company or move it out into the living room with us if we will be playing all day. Its basically like having a mobile changing table. You can even stick it in the floorboard and take it with you when you travel if you'd like. Talk about perfection!

JJcole Diaper Caddies
as well as the travel pods are available on Amazon!


Brn2lisn said...

I must be living under a rock or something. I never knew that any type of diaper caddy even existed. Where have I been. Love the colors of this one, and would be fantastic for my sister. Thank you for the review.

Anonymous said...

This would make the perfect shower gift! What a fun idea! I think I will get one for my sister in law. Thanks!

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