Thursday, August 14, 2008

My Granny Went to Market
By Stella Blackstone & Christopher Corr

My Granny Went to Market is a unique counting book unlike any other I have seen!

I love how Barefoot Books finds endless creative ways to work other cultures into your child's reading adventures. In My Granny Went to Market, Granny starts of in Istanbul and buys herself one super colorful flying carpet which allows her to fly all over the world to buy some great gifts for her granddaughter.

Illustrated in super colorful paintings of markets all over the world, Granny visits everywhere from Thailand to Kenya to Peru, to Mexico and even Japan! On each of her stops she buys something relative to their culture. All along each stop adds one more item, one flying carpet, two cats, three masks, ect. Its a counting book with a cultural message mixed right in! Genius!

I'm kind of jealous of Granny, would that not be great to have a flying carpet to zoom around on? Though instead of those five cowbells she bought in Switzerland I'd be hard pressed not to buy chocolate instead. My favorite part of the book however is the inside cover. Its great to talk about diffrent places with your kids but I'm not sure they actually visualize exactly how far away some of those places are without a map. The front of the book document's Granny's trip around the world in a map. It allows kids to see just how far Japan is from Peru and Mexico to China. Though the world seems awfully small these days as I can txt message friends in Europe in a matter of seconds it would take me an awfully long time to fly there. I've made the flight to France several times and its quite the journey.

My Granny Went to Marke
t is available directly from Barefoot Books in a hardcover edition or paperback! You can see it at Barefoot Books here!

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Meredith said...

I wish I had Grannie's no-gas carpet because this grannie has to go to the store today!

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