Monday, July 21, 2008

Your own underwater plush pet!

Seapals are brand new on the market and what looks like just a really super cute plush line of sea animals is actually an online game as well. Mind you I use the word "game" lightly as Seapals is much more than that.

Once you bring your Seapals home you just go to their webpage, Seapals World, and make an account using your secret code. Once you have your account made you get a virtual aquarium containing your Seapal, along with any other Seapal you own, which you can decorate and care for, with each new Seapal your aquarium expands giving you even more room to play with. Along with the virtual aquarium each Seapal has their own "house" which you can decorate as well with items you purchase with your "pearl points". Pearl points are the currency in the Seapal world and its earned by playing games and visiting locations throughout the Seapals world. I LOVE games where you get your own house and get to decorate it. I have lots almost an uncountable number of hours of my life to decorating my many various imaginary houses across all of my online accounts. If I only had a house in real life even a fraction as cool as the house I had on the last Star Wars game I played online, It would be something like you see on those MTV Cribs shows.

My favorite aspect of Seapals as though it is a social environment kids can interact and play games with other kids within the Seapals world, its actually fairly enclosed which gives you a bit more control about who your kids talk to or interact with online. Compared to when I was a kid and chat rooms were the only option you don't even want to get me started at what the random misplaced weirdo would say to me on a daily basis. Plus the cost of the Seapals is so much cheaper than spending money on a $40+ video game when they can play fun multi player games with their own Seapal! I have to say personally

For a brand new product launch there is already a fairly large selection of Seapals to choose from including a blue lobster, clown fish, stingray, seahorse, dolphin and more. Though I personally have my eye on the octopus which is due to be released later this fall!

You can buy your own Seapals right now on Amazon!

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this! The Seapals look like a great toy and online community. Although my son is only one I think that he would love to see the aquarium because he loves everything fishy!

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