Friday, July 25, 2008

The ultimate in Mommy comfort.

I know that mom's just don't like to admit it at times.. but there has been more than one occasion that its taken me past 1pm to even shower. Especially now that Connor is more mobile than ever and the increasing demands of school and blog that "me" time is forever lost in the mix. Ok, possibly not forever, but it seems that way sometimes. Being exhausted is just a fact of life, and its more learning how to compensate.

Every Mom needs a little extra pampering and there is just nothing better than slipping on something that makes you feel good about yourself, beautiful, and yes.. comfortable! When was the last time you felt all of those things in your trusty mom tshirt? Well, don't worry I have a solution that even your hubbies (or boyfriends) will enjoy.. and no.. I am not talking about lingerie, though your other half my enjoy that part its not exactly something you want to be walking around chasing the kids in.

I actually came across Little Giraffe through a random encounter and I was really taken back by their beautiful polka dot baby blankets. Made from super plush velvets and chenille its really almost unfair that such little people get so much pampering. Though I have to say that the kids that are lucky enough to curl up every night in a Little Giraffe bed set must feel like they are in heaven, they will be ruined for life when it comes to bedding. heh.

Well that same amazing comfort has finally been translated into something Mom can enjoy for herself in a much more portable way. Their adult cover up robes have to be one of the most luxurious robes I have ever dared laid my hands on. Those amazingly soft cotton robes at five star hotels have absolutely nothing on them. Made from a super soft satin on one side and one of the most touchable soft plush velvets on the other side, I'm starting to envy my son's blanket collection a little less these days. The Luxe cover ups are actually made from the same fabric combo as the Luxe collection blankets and if the baby blankets are even half as nice as this cover up, wow.

Little Giraffe
was gracious enough to send me a Luxe cover up in my favorite color, lavender. I love it so much, if I honestly felt I could get away with wearing it in public I would. And though it has been awfully hot here the last few weeks, I just turn it inside out and wear the satin near my skin in the mornings and it brings a whole new aspect to the robe itself. For once I can honestly say I am actually looking forward to winter so I can wear it round the clock, or at least while I'm home.

Little Giraffe also sent Melos his own little blanket cover up. Though it doesn't actually wrap around him, its kinda funny to see him in it. He uses it more to snuggle with than as a robe. Its funny, I think thats actually the first time someone sent Melos something, he must be feeling a little like the rock star he truely is right now. I mean what other Chihuahua would put up with a rowdy 15 month old day in and day out and rarely ever complain.

Check out the entire Little Giraffe collection, they even have a pet section, and you can find their luxe blankets at Nordstroms. I also spotted almost the entire collection over at Layla Grace.

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Unknown said...

The coverup sounds absolutely to die for. I think I will put that on my Christmas list.

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