Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do you guys know the correct temperate for sleeping newborns?

Seriously am I the only mom that is totally clueless on the correct temperate to keep a room when a newborn is sleeping. I honestly had no clue that the optimal temperature to prevent SIDS was 61-67°F, that seems awfully cold to me. I keep my thermostat set on 78 in the summer and 74 in the winter and though in Illinois it was not uncommon for the house temperature to drop to around 66 degrees at night if that happened you would usually find me bundled up under every blanket in the house.

I obviously do not handle cold very well.

I'm honestly not so sure how you keep a room under 67 degrees in Alabama mid summer, but I'm fairly sure it would involve buying a walk in freezer. heh.

Needless to say the new Grobag Egg makes it so simple to figure out if your newborn is sleeping in the right temperature that a five year old could figure it out. The Grobag Egg actually changes colors depending on if if its too hot, too warm, or just right... changing from red when its too hot to blue when its too cold. If your seeing yellow you know you got the room just right! It also has a big display so you can see the temperature easily even if the room is brightly lit.

Connor is well past the newborn phase but we use his Grobag Egg as a really neato night light. Though its still great to have the color readouts as I can easily tell how to dress Connor or which blankets to offer him depending on what the temperature of his room is. Lately his egg has been red so we have been going to bed in just a diaper and a light blanket if he decides he needs one.

The Grobag Egg is available directly from Keen Distribution's website! While your over there check out the Grobag too!


Anonymous said...

Do you know how much it would COST to keep the house under 67 down here? I'll just fix her up some nice ice packs for bedtime...

Anonymous said...

What a great product! I love how it changes colors. I think 67 degrees would be realistic in Alaska.

Angela said...

LOL My house is reading 82 degrees today.. I fail.. (the power was out all day)


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