Sunday, July 6, 2008

Did I just hear you burp in public?

Our friend Stacy over at Sagan's Universe tested a board game built specifically to help teach children manners for us! Here is what she had to say.

So its been raining for TWO DAYS. July 4th we decided to let Sagan nap before we headed over to friends house for a swim party, begging the sky to button it up so we could enjoy the outdoors.... and as it is, we ended up sitting in the rain with both kids watching fireworks! Its was fun, more fun than I thought it would be. While we waited to head out, I cracked open Sophia's newest game, Blunders and Hubby and I played with her and made some notes.

The board game teaches children ages 5 to 10 about social and dining etiquette in a unique, interactive, and educational way. Players use a colorful board, tokens, and many, many "question cards", and have a good laugh as they try to help Bobby, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder improve their manners. and according to the Blunder's website ( and the story of how a SAHM invented this game is extremely interesting!) While playing the Game:

Children Will Learn How To:
- -Have polite table manners and set the table properly
- -Introduce themselves with confidence
- -Have nice manners at school
- -Treat others with respect, empathy, and kindness
- -Be a gracious guest and polite host
- -Have polite telephone manners
- -Understand the benefits of having nice manners

Is based on North-American etiquette standards and universal values such as:

- -It is not nice to bully, tease, or gossip
- -Develops players’ logic, kinesthetic, auditory, and visual skills
- -Supports character development in school curriculums
- -Is the perfect game to play at home, school, and with any social organization

So some notes on Blunders. I noticed after Sophia played this game, for hours afterwards, she was trying to use her best manners. It was hilarious. "Mother, may I please have some juice? "Mother? May I please have a chocolate fudgie?" In this little angelic voice. I watched my husband play with her and go through the cards with her. The board is really cute. ( see above). The pieces are big and playful. The cards are filled with situations where a child has to think about the correct action or thing to say. One card was True or False - it is ok to eat corn on the cob with your hands in a fancy restraunt". Who knew it is ok to eat corn on the cob with your hands where ever you are? Didn't know that! The game works by having you roll FIRST, then if you get the question correct, you get to move to that spot. That was a bit confusing at first. But Sophia likes this game. She likes to challenge her dad to see if he has good manners! She rather play Blunders now than her favorite game, Chutes and Ladders. My husband thinks its a bit monotonous, and wordy, but the bottom line is kids will pick this game over other games when it comes to family interaction. And it works. So even with its few quirks and slightly involved learning curve, it does seem to do what it sets out to do - teach these kids some manners!

Thanks Stacy for the review!

Blunders is available directly on their website as well as on Amazon!


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