Monday, July 7, 2008

Customizable clothing for the mod toddler set!

Little Uni makes the most delicious little customized tees for babies and toddlers. The designs are simple with a modern edge and are equally at home for going out on the town or just lounging around the house. There is just something really stunning about her cotton appliquéd animals and shapes on just a plain cotton background. Each of the appliqués are done with the most gorgeous patterned fabrics, from striped motorcycles to blueberry dogs you will find something that will fit any child's personality or for any ocassion. Pair the stunning little tops with a pair of cotton pants with just a tiny square of the pattern on the appliqué on the shirt, and you have something that will turn heads.

You can choose from one of their premade designs in an almost endless variety of animals and colors, but if you want something really special its really worth it to go with a personalized tee or onesie. I got Connor a baby blue tee with the little blue and green elephant with his name in a chocolate brown. That little tee paired with a pair of the chocolate brown pants with a little matching square to his elephant is really quite stunning. It looks great and most importantly he will be comfortable all day. Hmm.. where exactly do I find an outfit that looks this great for me thats even close to as comfortable?

I know with all appliqués I always worry a bit about fraying, I can assure you that Little Uni's designs are well treated for frays as well as the edges are perfectly stitched, I'm really quite jealous I know I personally cannot stitch that strait!

If your looking for something really special for a baby shower or first birthday there is really nothing that makes a new mom or birthday boy or girl to have something made just for them. I'm positive you will be the envy of all the other gift givers when they open up their customized tee with the child's name or nickname on it. Or how about a first birthday tee?

Now if they would just make them in my size!

Little Uni's tees are available directly from their website.


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