Sunday, July 13, 2008

Connor's grandmother is coming down from IL on Wensday.. and the house is a disaster. Between the puppy smell we have going on in the office to just the havoc that an active toddler does to your house (not to mention all the dogs) I really need to get myself in gear. Not that I actually think it will happen as all the while I have two papers due for class by Saturday, ie I need to finish them by Wensday all I can hope for is that at least we can get the house smelling better and the dog hair off the rugs.

We recently did a review of the Sweet Grass Home, Farm Baby, collection and we absolutely love it, but I couldn't help to be curious about their home products.

Well at least I know for sure my house will smell better as we were introduced to the Farmhouse Linen Spray. Though I do use it in my bed, I find it most useful as an all over house spray. If I know we are having company I just do a quick dusting of the couch, rugs, chairs, and basically every cloth surface in my home. It leaves a nice lavender scent that actually stays around for quite some time. Something about lavender also is excellent in getting that sweaty dog smell out of their beds too. (its equally as good at getting that sweaty boy smell out of clothing and linens too I just hate to mention that one..)

I really must get my hands on some of the Laundry Soap and Fabric Softener. I can only imagine how wonderful my sheets and towels would smell if its even remotely as nice as the linen spray!

Sweet Grass Farms home products are available directly from their website.


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