Saturday, June 7, 2008

Whats that on your shirt?!

Ever asked a little kid what they had on their shirt? I can guarantee you the first response no matter if they know exactly what is on their shirt or not... they will look right down at their shirt and point to it and then tell you what is on it. Hey, I will still look down at my shirt before I tell you too.. hmmm I'm not sure what that means about me, but at least if I had a shirt like this I wouldn't be looking at an upside down image.

Modern Me is a new designer in the baby market and her tee shirts are fabulously designed. With a descent modern flair both graphically and color wise, at first the mirror image of the shirts just looks like a cool design idea, but not until you actually get the wearer to look down do you really realize the whole brilliance of it.

Connor got this great dog onesie, and as much as I'd hate to admit it Dog is one of the few words Connor knows.. no still for those of you that are wondering we have not said MaMa yet... *grumble*. Dog, Doggie, Dogs, yes yes we say all of those and often... even if you point at a dog he will immediately chime in and begin to talk to the Dog as if it was another human. We had a thirty minute conversation with a chihuahua at the vet's office the other day, and no it wasn't even one of his. I guess thats what you get when you raise a child in a house full of dogs. Needless to say with the help of his new shirt he may just learn to spell dog too as its right there when he looks down.

Modern Me also just added a line of organic tee shirts as well ( she must have know Id ask.. heh!) for those eco worried babies and moms out there! The best part is for the most part all of her designs are unisex though you will find a sprinkling of blue and pink for the most part the designs could be worn by both sexes perfectly fine, which is great for those of us who know we are defently having more kids or parents who are buying for an unborn baby, those wardrobes have to get as much use out of them as possible!

We live in the south and its currently over 100 degrees today, belive me unless we are going somewhere outside the house its rare for me to put anything more than a onesie on Connor and Modern Me's onesies are worth looking at!

Visit Modern Me to see her entire line of onesies and tee shirts. She has sizes from 0 to 4T!


Anonymous said...

Very nice designs...It's nice to be able to buy something that's not yellow or green that can be shared among multiple children! Thanks for the tip!

~Amanda~ said...

Oh this is really neat and so true my son does it all the time you ask him what is on his shirt and you could have asked him just a few minuts ago and he will try to look! Thanks for the tip!

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