Thursday, June 26, 2008

Usborne is a household name around here!

You might remember the review we did for Blooming-Babies a while back. Well If you thought their toy selection was great, I dare say the book selection is even better.

Blooming-Babies is also an authorized seller of Usborne . Usborne is a mom driven book company that publishes wonderful books for children of all ages.

Though I have had limited experience with Usborne in the past, I was curious so Blooming-Babies sent us over three of their board books to take a peek at!

Rusty's Bone is part of the Usborne Touchy-Feely Farmyard Tales collection in which all of the board books not only feature a great easy to read story, but the books themselves are interactive. Each of the pages offers something int resting to touch. From smooth, to shiny, to furry, Connor actually loves to read this book with or without me. I find him sitting in the living room floor (book upside down) just "reading away". I really have to get a video of it at some point as it really sounds as if he is reading something but its just gibberish. He stops and touches the pages and even points at them and is really serious as he is telling me something. Rusty's Bone makes for a fabulous travel toy as well!

Though I have to say the First Picture Books are thus far one of our favorite picture books to date. We have the First Picture Books Trucks and First Picture Books Fairy Tales, both of which are very large for an average picture book. Though picture books are an incredible learning tool, sometimes I have to admit I find them a bit boring, though with our Usborne First Pictures books that never seems to be the case. Unlike just real life pictures of trucks, the First Picture Book Trucks offers pictures of toy looking trucks in lifelike scenes. The printing method is also very unusual as well and the images stand out off the pages giving them almost a 3D look to them of sorts. The First Picture Fairy Tales offers very short versions of some popular fairy tales in the same sort of half cartoon half toy type images.

Usborne actually offers a HUGE selection of books including a massive collection of educational books for older children. Head on over to Blooming-Babies and check out her Usborne storefront.


Qtpies7 said...

Usbourne are really good books. Probably my second favorite company to get kids books. I have been purchasing them for over 10 years.

Karen said...

We love Usborne! That author is truly inspired because the kids can all enjoy it, no matter their reading level.

Stacey Moore said...

we love these books as well!

Anonymous said...

My girls and I just can't read enough of them!!!! They offer excellent rewards if any one is interested in hosting an eshow my Usborne Books Website.

Happy Reading!

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