Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This will revolutionalize traveling with young children!!

Little Jet Set sent us over quiet possibly the coolest piece of travel gear I have ever seen, a Trunki!

Why.. and I do mean WHY did they not have these when I was a kid? All those hours stuck I spent in an airport, I find this horribly cruel and unfair that Trunki just showed its cute little horns now that I am too big to enjoy it!

Ah well.. at least Connor will have a friend on all the flights I know we will be making to Chicago to see his grandparents as he grows up.

I have never been more tickled about a piece of luggage in my life. Trunki is no ordinary place to store your clothes, its a lovable toy, luggage, ride on, and treasure box all rolled into one. At first glance it just looks like a new modern looking cow ride on but on closer inspection you realize that with the help of a super secret plastic key Trunki opens up into a hard sided piece of luggage. Its actually quite roomy, Connor's bags are currently packed for our trip this week to Chicago and he has four pairs of shoes, six pairs of socks, and about a dozen outfits along with his bathroom bag all stuffed in there with tons of room to spare. Don't worry I left room for his beloved Stanley, a blanket and some pacifiers as well.

Connor has no clue that Trunki is a piece of luggage he LOVES him, he is still too short to ride him but he pushes him all over the house and drags him by his handle. The carrying handle actually doubles as a pull along for parents. Just put your kid on the Trunki and you can pull them around the airport with you or the child can actually pull their luggage themselves instead of having mom or dad do all the carrying.

Trunki also has a super secret hiding spot built in, though its tiny (about big enough to hold one or two marbles) you can hide your treasure map in there or a special pirates necklace. I don't recommend hiding anything in there during a visit with the airlines as they may not know how to access the treasure hiding spot and see whatever it is on the xray and demolish your Trunki and believe me that would be a sad sad day.

You can buy your own Trunki at Little Jet Set! Along with Trunki they have a great line of wonderful traveling accessories for babies through adults. Including the super cool car valet by Alex and the frog toiletry bag by Haba! I think that frog bag would be the perfect addition to a Trunki!

Head on over to Little Jet Set and pick up a Trunki for yourself.. I promise you your kids will flip and possibly excited for once about those long flights!!


Sky said...

Oh, I love this!! We don't travel a lot, but I'm going to have to get one of these!

noreen said...

very cute, I know my girls would love one.

I might have missed it but I can't find the list of winners from Birthday Bash for Connor.

Kristin said...

We just got a Trunki for our summer trip and Kai loves it! So cute!!

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