Sunday, June 1, 2008

Take your books everywhere!

Imagine the possibility of being able to store your entire library of books in the palm of your hand. Thats no longer science fiction, with Sony's PRS-505 Digital Reader you can indeed store up 160 or more (you can store hundreds more with the addition of a memory card!) books in a device that is basically half the size of a paperback!

Digital eBook readers are not necessarily brand new technology as they have been around for some time, but the earlier models were hard to read and ended up giving me more eye strain than they were worth. The new Sony Digital Reader is not only super easy to read but the display actually resembles a book's page. It's actually quite odd as I know its a digital display but the pages are so clear and crisp it looks almost as if its paper.

I have hundreds of my own books that I would love to see in my reader, the only real disadvantage is the fact that you can't just transfer your physical books to the magical ebook realm but to lessen the blow Sony does include 100 free eBook classic title downloads with the purchase of your reader. For those of you who read a book then get rid of it unlike myself who cannot seem to part with a book once its joined the family here the transition will be smooth. Though I will say my family and friends would appreciate my books in digital format other than all over the house and storage unit like they are at this point.

My favorite aspect of the Sony PRS-505 is its abilities to read word documents, PDF files, and even MP3s and JPG photos. Though the accessing time on especially large PDF files is a bit slow I find it especially useful for doing my work remotely as many of the promotional materials I recieve for reviews we need to do are in PDF format. The only drawback to this the fact that to read the PDF files correctly you really have to go in and reformat the page size on each PDF file.. though honestly its too much work for some of my smaller files I do keep my product catalogs that I have in PDF on hand with the use of my Digital eBook Reader.

One extra little neat feature including in the Sony PSR-505 is the fact that you can store photos and mp3s as well. Though I have not tested out the MP3 capabilities yet I did transfer over a few picture of Connor and they display very well though the display is in black and white its very crisp and the load time is not awful as long as you keep them in a lower resolution.

At approx $270 (plus or minus depending on if you find it on sale) the Sony PSR-505 Digital eBook Reader is a fairly economical way to get into an eBook Reader. About the only thing your missing in this reader vs its higher priced competitor is the wireless capabilities. Though the wireless capabilities would be a good addition especially with the aspect of being able to read blogs remotely at almost $400 to buy an eBook with wireless capabilities I am not sure if I can justify or stomach that, especially when you can buy a cheap ultra portable laptop or PDA at the same price.

Though the Sony PSR-505 is available at most major retailers including Amazon you can purchase some great package deals directly from Sony including having it custom engraved which would make a great father's day present!

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Joy said...

Interesting concept... but nothing beats the smell and feel of a real book! I can't even read stuff online very well!

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