Monday, June 30, 2008

Organic skincare that really works!

Whenever possible I try my hardest not to put products that contain unnecessarily chemicals in or on my child. Though sometimes I find that a hard task. VedaPURE is a line of organic body products which are most unusual as they were designed by a pediatrician! I still find it so rare to associate organic and doctor in the same sentence but its slowly happening.

The VedaBABY line was exactly the sort of thing I have been looking for! Connor suffers from eczema and very sensitive skin and sadly it keeps getting worse and worse, I fear soon we may be forced to go to a specialist but in the meantime I try to keep it under control and with a boy that is always into everything keeping his skin properly hydrated is always an issue. The VedaBaby Soothe is truely wonderful as it keeps Connor moisturized all day without having to reapply it several times and it seems to keep his eczema under check. I really need to invest in some of the Vedababy Calm as I have a feeling that would be excellent for flair ups.

Though the VedaBABY Butt Plus is not completely organic (as it contains Zinc Oxide) but its amazing stuff. Connor's skin is so touchy that if he even has one bad poop during the day within minutes his butt looks like someone rubbed sandpaper all over it. Its really hard to find a product that is not all chemicals that really goes on thick and protects. The VedaBABY Butt Plus not only is super thick but it really calms Connor's hiney down when he has a bad rash. I have to admit I put it on his ankles too under his socks if he is wearing shoes and it does a great job of protecting Connor's eczema spots from irritation.

One of my favorite things is the fact that the VedaBABY containers are so pretty. I do not mind one bit seeing them sitting out on Connor's dresser! If you are used to non organic baby products I think you will be blown away on how amazing they smell, even the diaper rash cream smells fresh.

I really want to try out the VedaMAMA and VedaRX lines!

VedaPURE products are available directly on their website!


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