Monday, June 2, 2008

No more lost pacifiers!!

Connor has been past the age of using a "bumper" for quite some time now.. and honestly I loved the way they looked but I was always concerned about the safty of using one as well as the fact that mine at least kept sagging and I always had to readjust it!

With that said, the moment I took Connor's bumper off his bed I immediately found out that not only would he kick every pacifier I could put on the bed OFF the bed he would wake up routinely during the night looking for his pacifiers or with his legs stuck through the rails of his crib.

My first solution to that was to attempt to put the bumper back on.. but shortly afterwards Connor was attempting to use the bumper to either climb out of the crib or trying to rip the bumper off the crib itself and ended up breaking two or three of the ties on my very very expensive crib set. So up till now he has been bumper less and I've been digging pacifiers out from behind his crib on a daily basis.

That is until we found the Cozy Wedge!! We got a Cozy Wedge in Ecru (organic cotton) to review and man has it made all the difference in the world. I am no longer having to put a dozen pacifiers in the crib at night in hopes that one will make it till morning and actually he had made it through the entire night with just ONE pacifier nor have we had random wake ups thanks to a misplaced leg or him accidentally ramming his head into the rails either.

The Cozy Wedge is safe for babies of all ages! For younger babies it's great for parents who are worried about SIDS. Most pediatricians will actually recommend you forgo a bumper all together as it may lead to a increased risk of SIDS. The Cozy Wedge is safer as the bumper itself is a hard foam inside of a cloth cover so there is nothing squishy for a baby to push it's head against. For older babies it allows you to use a bumper much longer as the Cozy Wedge has a very low profile which does not aid a baby in crawling out of the crib.

The slip cover over the foam aspect of the Cozy Wedge is removable and washable it only takes seconds to slip the foam in and out of the cover so it wont add to your workload I promise.

Honestly my only complaint with the Cozy Wedge is the fact that you cannot buy extra covers. I like my Ecru cover as it matches everything but we would LOVE to have the Groovy Cover as well.. it would have been nice to be able to buy a Groovy and have an Ecru as backup for laundry day!

Go check out the Cozy Wedge website and all of their great color options. You may purchase the Cozy Wedge directly off the website as well!


Kari @ A Giveaway Addicted Mommy said...

These look great - but they are pretty expensive. Did they or would they offer to give your readers a discount?

nateandjakesmom at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Check out the Paci-Plushies... lightweight plush animals that attach to pacifiers, making the pacifier easier to find and less likely to fall out of the crib... unless Baby decides to throw it out :) They retail for $13.95 and come in 5 cute designs.

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