Saturday, June 14, 2008

A must for fathers day!

The first thing that comes to mind for a father's day present may not be a diaper bag, but if you saw the bags at DadGear you may just change your mind!

Connor's dad on more than one occasion has complained about having to carry around our either super cutsie or very girlie diaper bags around. For a long time I appeased him by changing out my girlie diaper bag for a toddler backpack which was not quiet as embarrassing for him to lug around, but it still was awfully "cute".

When I saw the diaper bags at DadGear I knew I had to get him one for fathers day. The Dadgear bag is not only super cool but its one of the most functional diaper bags I have had the honor of trying out. For all the guys out there.. you could even claim that this bag is "tricked out" as I'd guess to say that this diaper bag will have more cool features than your wife's diaper bag in most cases. DadGear offers a HUGE selection of designs, colors, and bag types. I decided to go with a skull and crossbones messenger bag but you could go with a courier bag, backpack, or even the smaller sports bag model. There is also the very non traditional diaper vest which would be great for dad's on the go.
What I really want to talk about is the many features the DadGear messenger bag offers. The first and most obvious thing you will notice about the bag when you open it is the super cool wipes case. There is actually a wipes cased built into the bag itself which allows you to access wipes from outside of the bag. I am still so tickled by this design I have to show every poor stranger that walks past me that will listen. Another great feature that I had always complained about with diaper bags but up till now never found a bag that really fit the bill, once your child is past the bottle stage and into sippy cups they just do not fit into those bottle compartments in diaper bags and you always end up with a leaning sippy cup in the bottom of your bag. The Dadgear bag has a very generously sized bottle compartments that not only fit bottles just perfectly fine, but my handle less sippy cups also fit neatly inside as well. You can also access the bottles or sippy cups without having to open the bag itself, which is a neat feature. There are also stroller straps built into the bag itself which is fairly rare in a bag in this price range. If you would like to see a more detailed tour of the DadGear messenger just check out the online demo.
Once I actually got to use it a few times I have to admit I was pretty jealous, and ended up getting a DadGear all my own. I now own the razor flames messenger as well!! Though if you love your hubbie/boyfriends DadGear and want a girlie one all your own there is DaisyGear as well just for the ladies which come in much more girlie styles.
Ironically enough more people have asked about my DadGear in public than any of my other bags, even before they know its a diaper bag. It's also one of the only baby products I have reviewed that have gotten the attention of my guy friends, many of which either want one for their laptops or plan on getting one for their kids/future kids.
DadGear and DaisyGear bags are available directly from their website.


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