Sunday, June 1, 2008

The ever changing robot!

I honestly at this point couldn't tell you who loves this Robot more.. Connor or myself!

The Paz's Radio Control Build-A-Bot kit at Discovery Channel Storel is as much fun for parents as it is for kids! Connor isn't quite old enough to do the building aspect of playing with this robot yet.. but the bright colors and great robot designs keeps him interested!

The big chunky pieces of this robot are actually very easy to maneuver and super easy to put together. Rated for children 3+ I'd dare say a two year old could get in on the building process with some help and lots of supervision.

Connor could care less if he gets to build the robots or not.. he LOVES to chase him around once he is together and going via remote control. Between all the sounds, movement, and flashing lights on the eyes what is there not to love. I am just very careful to watch him while he is playing with it in case of a choking hazard.

I especially love the fact that there are at least TEN ways you can put the robot together.. so if your bored of one style robot its quite alright as you can just build another. Though my favorite robot is the "car" looking robot it certainly gets young minds thinking about a toy in diffrent aspects as one concept that was especially hard for me to grasp growing up was the fact that though an item may look one way now it certainly has potential to be something else too.. (thats always a hard one to grasp as an adult and your first home purchase!! This robot certainly wont prepare you for that, but its a good first step into seeing something that may not obviously be there)

The Paz's Radio Control Build-A-Bot is also a great building block towards more complicated robot building kits later on for toddlers and preschoolers. Such as the Build your own RobotronX kit Discovery Channel Store sells for older kids as well!

Don't forget the Discovery Channel Store for all your father's day gift ideas either!

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Anonymous said...

oh this is right up my little geeks alley!
Like you, I love the fact that there is more than one way to build a robot.

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