Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Eleven Collection is a must see!

I'm a huge fan of See Kai Run, but I was always a bit sad as the sizing on See Kai Run only goes to a size 9 (about 3 years old on an average child). The Eleven Collection, a sister company to See Kai Run will take you all the way into the school years. Eleven offers sizes 9 through 1 (That should get you by till about 7 years old, but in Connor case may take us to junior high school at the rate his tiny feet are growing).

The Eleven Collection offers the same great style you expect out ofSee Kai Run but with an older twist. I actually find the designs in the Eleven Collection to be a bit more modern and simplistic with bright fun colors that children will find appealing. The designs are truely timeless, you won't find any characters or trains, and if they made them in my size you better bet I'd be wearing them too. I actually think I love almost every pair in the summer 2008 collection equally though for the sake of choosing favorites I'd have to go with the Eleven trainer for boys and the Anya for girls as my favorites from the current collection. I honestly cant wait to see what happens this fall! I'd really love to see the trainers get a color twist, we will have to wait to see!

The entire collection features velcro closures or a slip on style (no laces to tie) which gives children a sense of early independence. Though I think learning to tie your shoe is a valuable skill, if you have ever tried to get shoes on a screaming wiggly four year old you will appreciate the fact that you can just velcro and go. My favorite aspect of the shoes though are the great high quality leather insoles thats so rare to see in a children's shoe. You'll know that not only will your kid's feet look a thousand times better than those kids in those "character shoes" but their feet will properly supported as well.

Check out the summer 2008 collection over at Eleven, I know you will love them as much as I do.


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