Monday, June 23, 2008

Are you guys in the mood for a vacation!?

I keep dreaming on going on this amazing tropical vacation. I've been to Hawaii several times, but at the time my parents lived there and its not really the same visiting family as it would be doing the tourist thing. The most tropical thing I did in Hawaii on my visits was peer out the window while they were filming Baywatch across the street from my Mom's condo.

The Beaches resorts are all inclusive. If your not sure what that means, basically it means once you arrive at Beaches everything is included : meals, drinks, mixed drinks, scuba diving, kids activities, nanny's, basically anything ON the resort itself. There are some extra packages you can do including tours, horseback riding, ect that are an additional cost but they are fairly reasonable. I did a couple of searches to get an idea of the cost of a vacation to beaches. All of my searches with airfare were around $2000 - 3000 (depending on if you book your room during the Wonderfall event or not) for the room and $1,000-1,500 for airfare. Mind you I did a search for 2 adults, one child, four nights with round trip airfare. That seems expensive, but if you factor in a vacation out of the country, food, activities, drinks, a scuba trip, ect. You would easily pay that or more if you had to pay for your hotel room and extras.

During September 1st - November 4th, Beaches is hosting its Wonderfall event! You will save up to 45% on your room costs if you book during this time as well as there is a new Sesame St live on stage show for kids during this time! As well if you stay more than five days at any of the resorts you will get one night free and more than seven nights you will get two nights free! Thats a HUGE savings.

If I wanted an adult vacation I'd go and stay at at the Turks, but if your looking for a family vacation Negril would be absolutely my first choice. The on site water park alone is the coolest of the resorts! That is until the Turks finishes their water park in 2009!

If I ever actually graduate college you better bet that first year after I start work I am going to be booking myself a week long vacation somewhere fabulous. I may just have to get myself signed up for a vacation to Turks & Caicos as by then they will have their new water park up and running too!

Go check out the Wonderfall event right now, you can save yourself a ton on a vacation and its fun to learn about all the diffrent resort options!

Thanks Mom Central for giving us the heads up on the Wonderfall event!


Anonymous said...

I've stayed at the Beaches Resort in Negril and it was WONDERFUL !!!!


Chic Shopper Chick said...

Oooh I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a Sandals resort but I've just never done it. My sister in law went to the one on Turks & Caicos on her honeymoon and they said it was absolutely amazing. Sigh. This makes me want to change my desktop picture to a palm tree on a deserted beach...

cpullum said...

This is great information!! I love traveling it's one of my hobbies!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing vacation spot! I hope I dream about going to some place that beautiful tonight.

Thanks for sharing this great travel spot!
Nancy Murphy

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