Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Amy Michelle's brand new diaper bag line!

Ive been dying to get my hands on an Amy Michelle Diaper bag since last fall when I saw the Azalea in another e retailers site and fell in love with it's features.

Usually I am a die hard messenger bag or classic tote style diaper bag fan.. Minus the features for the most part all of my diaper bags are of similar design until now.

The Street Baby Totes at Amy Michelle are brand new! Built with being affordable in mind, they are built to fill the needs of every mom! Not that saying being affordable means giving up features, at least not in this line of diaper bag! The very first thing I noticed when I opened the package on my new Rodeo Drive chocolate diaper bag was the amount of pockets on the outside of the bag. I usually keep my personal items when possible on the outside for easy access and this bag features on very large zippered section on the outside with a key clip and a cell phone pouch inside so you won't have to dig for either, especially with a crabby teething baby! There are also two bottle pouches on the outside of the bag and two inside the bag! So you are all set for a long day or a day trip! Inside the bag the first thing you will notice is the bright turquoise blue lining, its so pretty at first I was a bit distracted but I did notice and even did a little happy dance that there is a pacifier clip right at the top of the inside of the bag. Honestly I hate pacifiers but Connor has been teething so awfully lately that they have become a necessity regardless of how I feel about them and nothing is worst than trying to find a lost pacifier in a bag especially in the middle of a full blown toddler breakdown. There is also a huge zippered pouch on the inside as well as some smaller organizer pouches. The biggest thing thats diffrent about this bag vrs my regular messenger style diaper bags is the depth of the bag.. this bag is almost twice as deep as my regular diaper bag which is great for toys and books.

The Street Baby Totes line at Amy Michelle offers some a host of features that are very unusual to find in diaper bags of the same price range. Like most of the bags in Amy Michelle's line this bag converts from a regular shoulder bag to a backpack quite easily. The most exciting feature to us though was the built in stroller attachments. I don't think I have ever seen the in another diaper bag under $80 and let me tell you its a thousand times easier to attach a diaper bag to a stroller with them instead of draping the bag over the handles. Last of all the changing pad is on the back side of the diaper bag in an outside pouch, I can't tell you how often I wished more diaper bags companies did this as its really inconvenient to dig through your diaper bag or try to get it back inside the diaper bag once your done. I actually took the changing pads out of two of my diaper bags as they went inside the bag and I could never seem to get them back in once I got them out. I resorted to using a cloth changing pad which is much smaller but sometimes a bit hard to find inside a bag that is crammed to the top with junk.

For $65 including free shipping.. you get all the same features you would see on a bag in the $120-150 price range. Thats a deal anyway you look at it.

Amy Michelle's diaper bags are available directly on her website!


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