Wednesday, May 14, 2008

UGG ok I have to rant

I usually don't do this on my blog but I really just need to get this off my chest.

I have a Sprint cell phone and since the moment I switched back to them several years ago its been a living nightmare. When I was pregnant with Connor we decided I would move Connor's dad onto my phone to conserve money and share minutes as usually all he calls is us anyhow... but that ended up in almost a 4 month battle. You'd think moving a phone line that is already on Sprint to a family plan with another user on Sprint would be fairly simple? No..

To make a long and incredibly frustrating story short. That culminated into me standing in the middle of the Sprint store after fighting with them for months to get this accomplished in tears, screaming, with a one month old baby in my arms. I should have canceled my plan right then and there and ate the cancellation fees but no.. I stayed and they gave me a measly 10% off for my troubles. Well here I am again.. wondering why my bill is so high and tada.. there is a vision plan on my second phone line that we never ordered. I have been so busy with school and such I guess they snuck it in on us.. but seriously people after all you put us through already is that really necessary.

I called in tonight and tried to talk to a customer service rep about it but I couldn't understand not one word she was saying, and though she was plenty loud and clear she mumbled so badly I had to ask her to repeat herself so many times I just ended up getting frustrated and hung up, removed the vision plan myself online, and I guess I will just end up eating all those mis bills.

Seeing as I've only ever talked to one person that truely had any clue what was going on at Sprint, and only after I stood in the middle of the Sprint store sobbing and broken did they finally connect me to a manager who fixed my four month battle in a mere 10 minutes. I seriously should have gotten her direct #.

My contract isn't up till May of next year.. but believe me the moment it is I am switching. Anyone have any clue who offers a reliable cell phone company with a great family plan? Id really like to have an unlimited talk plan but I don't think I can stomach $99 per line.


Sky said...

I don't know what you have in your area...but Alltel is wonderful!! Seriously, we have free mobile to mobile, free nights and weekend, and free mobile to home. My husband has the "main" phone with 700 anytime minutes, and then I have a phone off of his plan that is $25.00 a month with 300 anytime minutes. It works for us...and might be worth checking out! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

We use Verizon and we have been pretty satisfied. We get reception almost anywhere and the prices are competitive...

Danielle said...

I feel your pain, I hate cell phone companies. We switched 6 months ago to T-Mobile & believe it or not they are great! Their customer service has been great even through a stolen phone.

Laura said...

That sucks. We've all had cell phone issues, and I'm not sure any of the companies are perfect. It's like choosing the least terrible out of a pile of all bad ones. :(

I used t-mobile and didn't have any serious problems (no sneaky charges), but we were not on a family plan.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I've been with Alltel for 5 years and I am really happy with them. We're in a nationwide plan and Alltel to Alltel is free plus we have a circle of 10 numbers which are always free to call and don't rack up minutes. That is the best part of their plan. With a daughter in college out of state and with her having a long distance boyfriend, it's the key to making it doable for us. I'm really happy. Check it out.

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