Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tutus are for girls!!

Ok, well if Connor said he wanted to wear a tutu I'd be ok with that though his father would most likely die if he saw him in public in one. Not to say that Tu For Tee is just for girls!!

Tu for Tee is a fabulous new tee shirt designer who not only embroideries the cutest little felt designs on her tanks and tees but the girl version has a built in tutu! All those little ballerina and princess wannabes out there rejoice!

For the super girlie girl who loves pink but wants something a little diffrent I highly recommend the octopus on pink! For all those little girls who dream of growing up to be rock stars and all the mom's who dreamed of being punky when they were growing up check out the red guitar on black!

For the boys out there, don't worry you can get the same great designs minus the pink and the tutus! We really love the skull on black and the green octopus! Connor has a skull on black tank and he looks like he is ready for his first pair of Docs anytime now, in his little tank with a set of cargo pants to match.

Though the funniest thing is Tu For Teee actually makes the same skull on black tank for dogs too.. could you even imagine Connor and Melos in matching tees? *cough* I am going to choke on my drink just thinking about it. heh!

Check out all the great designs over at Tu For Tee!! If you love the tanks or shirts and you're not a big fan of the tutus don't worry all of the shirts are available with or without the tutu as well!


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