Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One sling for the entire family!

I am a baby wearing sling fanatic. I think they are the one absolutely must needed item on a baby registry as you will use them from the day you bring your baby home until well into the toddler years. The biggest downfall of slings thus far is up till now all the slings I have used are fitted to the user so if there are multiple people who want to use your sling (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa) you may end up having to buy several slings.. or you may find as you loose weight after a pregnancy or become pregnant again your old sling may not fit. My postpartum slings are already starting to have this issue and so far we are dealing with it.. but it's an expensive proposition to have to rebuy my slings in a new size!

The Baby Bee Sling from Honeywear is a new ingenious sling that will adjust to fit just about every user and any sized baby/toddler. You actually end up with three adjustment points to custom fit the sling to your needs. Unlike a traditional sling that just fits over your head and is basicly a large loop of fabric, the Baby Bee Sling has a buckle which makes it a bit more user friendly for those of you that may not be as experienced with a traditional sling as well a large amount of adjustment right at the shoulder to raise or lower the sling. (I prefer a sling to hit me right at the naval for a front or cradle hold, and a bit lower for a hip or back hold, this sling allows me to raise or lower the height depending on how I am using the sling!) The other two adjustment points are on both sides of the sling itself which allows you to loosen or tighten the "cradle" of the sling depending on your needs. I find this particularly helpful to give a bit more support when using a hip or back hold!

Check out the Baby Bee Sling on Honeywear's web site!


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