Saturday, May 3, 2008

Movie Night : Cloverfield

I had all intentions of going to see Cloverfield while it was still in theaters.. but for some odd reason it just never happened, and for the whole reason I started this new section in my blog, finding your way to the theater with a baby is sometimes a bit challenging.

Wow... I am almost glad I didn't get to the theaters to see it.. its a great movie don't get me wrong but I watched most of the movie peaking out from under my blanket. Not that I would truely consider Cloverfield a horror movie or super scary.. but it is one of those "at any moment something is going to jump out at you and make you pee your pants" sort of movies.

You know a movie is good when its sends you screaming and dashing under the covers. I have to admit the scene where they are getting the guy's girlfriend out of her apartment and they pull her off the rod she is stuck on, did almost send me running out of the room.

For all of you that were under the impression, much like myself that Cloverfield is a cheezy rendition of a Godzilla movie, you are highly mistaken. Though it does have some aspects of that may remind you of one, it lacks all the cheese and piles on the suspense enough that I did squeal on more than one occasion. I would not however recommend letting letting young children watch it as it may be a few years until they think its safe to swim again in any open body of water, as I would rate it about in the same "scare" factor as Jaws.. but I know I certainly thought twice about swimming in the ocean for years after I watched Jaws.

Cloverfield is available at Amazon and at all of your major retailers.


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