Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bounce Bounce Baby!

If you have a child who would prefer to bounce than to walk, like Connor himself, I have the perfect toy for you!!

The Bounce 'N Go Inch A-Long from Playskool offers the rider the ability to use it like a standard ride on or they can bounce in place.

I actually had something similar to this at the daycare I went to when I was little and the only real difference between this one and the one back when I was a kid is the new redesigned look and instead of bouncing to get the toy to move you have to use your feet with the newer version.

Though personally I would have liked to see bouncing as a way to get the toy moving it does offer two separate ways to play abilities. They are great imagination toys as the one I played with as a child I pretended was my knight's horse and I was a knight... though I do also remember using it to ram the other kids as I "battled" them. eheh.

Please note this is a larger ride on meant for children 2 to 4 years of age. Though a younger child may enjoy pushing it around the house before they are actually tall enough to ride it. The size range makes it a great option for children who may be outgrowing their baby ride ons but still want a toy to ride around the house on. The wheels are big and sturdy enough to make this a great indoor OR outdoor toy!

The Bounce 'N Go Inch A-Long is part of Playskool's Kid Motion line designed to get toddlers and preschoolers active at an early age! The Bounce 'N Go Inch A-Long works those leg muscles and teaches balance and coordination!

The Bounce 'N Go Inch A-Long is available on Amazon as well as on Hasbro's storefront.

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jenny said...

this is realy cute almost like the frist one that thay had years a go

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