Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Connor's new obession!

Ive been in the market for a climber with a slide for some time. Connor is technically too young for a slide but don't tell him as he is a sliding fool!

We LOVE this All-Star Sports Climber from Step2. Its pretty small so it would fit nicely in your living room or outside and don't let its size fool you it makes up for it in features and cost!

Unlike other some of the more traditional toddler climbers this one features a rock wall, which honestly is my favorite feature of the entire climber! Connor at 12 months can already scale the rock wall all by himself and though at this point its not safe for him to play with it by himself we do allow him to climb up and slide down with tons of parent supervision. I'm fairly sure if we let him he would spend 90% of his day on this thing.

If your tired of climbing and sliding the All-Star Sports Climber offers a basketball hoop, soccer goal, and football goal so your little man (or lady) can practice their future pro sports skills. The basketball hoop is a bit small but the Climber does come with its own Basketball that is appropriately sized as well as a soccer ball and football. I'd be the first to admit I am not a huge sports fan but its nice to let my little man explore those options without taking up a ton of space.

That Soccer goal also makes a great hole for crawling through and the arch of the slide and rock wall makes it into a sudo clubhouse! We use our climber outside but if we had room in our computer room the climber would fit perfectly up against the wall and I am sure Connor would love hiding under the slide.

This was actually our first attempt on assembly of a large outdoor toy and I had it together within 10 minutes (minus the 10 minutes it took me to find our drill) which is by far the fast assembly time I've had since being a mom.

For $89 you can't beat it as its one of the lower priced climbers on the market and it has one of the most options in its size range! Its actually been so popular that my local toy store had a hard time keeping them in stock!

The All-Star Sports Climber is available directly from Step2 as well as on Amazon!

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Stacy said...

you know how I feel about ours! LOVE IT!

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