Thursday, May 15, 2008

We were splishin and a splashin!

Connor is water obsessed like many kids his age, though I think at times he takes it to a whole new level.

The Sights and Sounds Splash Table by International Playthings has been a great addition to our toy collection. It holds an ample amount of water for play but not so much that if it spills you end up with a flood in your living room. (We use two LARGE glasses of water to fill it enough for the boats to float freely)

Its a breeze to put together as all you have to do is attach the legs and stick the toys on the table. Total build time is about six minutes if you include installing batteries. Once you have done it a few times you can easily shave it down to two minutes tops.

For a compact water table The Sights and Sounds Splash Table is loaded full of toys, from dividers that work to dam up water (and boats) to a waterfall, a squirting octopus, a working magnet operated crane, and a light house (that actually lights up!). There are tons of things to do and places for the child to actually interact with the table other than just pushing a few boats around.

Our favorite part of the table is its small size and light weight. Its easy to break down and small enough that you can take it with you to play dates or grandma's house. Though our biggest complaint happened within seconds of us using the table. The "toys" attached to the table are easily removed. As soon as Connor gets a little bored of playing with the water he will start to remove the parts one by one, though this does not affect the table itself or its water holding capabilities it is a bit annoying to have to constantly put the toys back on. I think with an older child (2-3) this would not be an issue as they would be more concerned with imaginative play than disassembly, but with a young toddler I find its much easier just to leave the toys off the table during normal playtime as they will get more out of just splashing or using cups and sifters in the water.

We found another use for the table when we are not using it as a water table. Connor loves random things so between water sessions we fill the tray with random household (baby friendly) items for Connor to explore. Spoons, plastic cookie cutters and molds, random plastic toys, wooden spoons, really whatever we can find around the house that is safe for Connor to explore. He loves to dig through the assortment and I mix it up weekly. For this reason alone the Sights and Sounds Splash Table has become a constant fixture in our living room.

The Sights and Sounds Splash Table is available on Iplay's online store as well as Amazon!


Joy said...

Wow, that table is incredibly awesome!!! I love water toys. My youngest got $50 for her birthday so I think I will consider getting it for her. Thanks for a great post and review!!!

Sky said...

This looks like great fun!! Thanks for putting it out there!

Anonymous said...

We had a sand and water table and I think it was probably one of the best things I've ever purchased for the kids. Money well spent!

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