Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Your babies first photo album!

Who knew that babies could have their own photo album.. even if is in the form of a large cube!

Connor LOVES blocks, we are talking completely obsessed with blocks, and this big Taggies Treasures Photo Cube in his opinion is just one very very large block. Combine that with pictures on virtually every side of the cube he loves turning the cube over and over to see the pictures.

Connor actually became interested in pictures at a very young age. My dad actually reported him staring at a picture of me when he went on his first overnight visit to his grandparents house and crying his little eyes out. (remove picture.. no crying.. see the picture.. crying returns) He will also stand up on the side of the coffee table and watch our digital photo frame for long periods at a time. I had honestly up till now never even considered getting him a toy that had pictures in it!

We loaded his Taggies Treasures Photo Cube up with family photos and I've been using this opportunity to try to teach him how to say Mama. Its just not fair that he says Dada, Bok (aka block), and Uh Oh, but No Mama?!?! Not fair.. I have a fair mind to make all the pictures of Mama (*cough* yours truely) and spend all day pointing at myself saying "Mama.. Mama.. MAMA"! Can you blame me.. I spend all day with him, a little "Mama" wouldn't hurt.

We can't forget the fact that Taggies Treasures Photo Cube not only has those great photo pockets, but it also sports those famous Taggies all over the cube! So when your little one misses his "Mama" he can stare at his picture in his Taggies Treasures Photo Cube and rub all those great little Tags for comfort. If all the Taggies were not enough entertainment, the ball has a bell inside so if you shake or throw the Taggies Treasures Photo Cube it makes a great ringing noise. Connor usually sits on the floor pounding his into the ground while holding on to a Tag!

With the help of Connor's Taggies Treasures Photo Cube, he will be screaming Mama in no time... right? Just say yes and make me feel better.

You can pick up a Taggies Treasures Photo Cube of your very own on Amazon! Visit Taggies as well as they have some great new additions to their line.. its not just blankies anymore!


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