Sunday, April 27, 2008

Connor's First Birthday Blog Bash!

Connor is finally turning one year old (sob)!! Come join us for the celebrations, games, and giveaways as we celebrate Connor growing up, way too fast if I might add!

The Birthday Bash is open to Bloggers and non Bloggers there are just a few simple rules to join in the fun!

For Bloggers :

  • Post the banner in your sidebar for the length of the party. The code for the banner is below!
  • To make this fun go back on your blog and post about the party including a link inviting everyone to join. Please feel free to introduce yourself and your kids, send Connor a birthday message, host your own giveaway, and/or just be creative! Once you have done that sign Mr Linky below with a direct link to that post as the url. Please only one Mr Linky signature per person.
  • Thats it! Make sure you check back each day for giveaways and games!
For Non Bloggers
  • Visit at least five of the blogs posted on Mr Linky and check out their party posts. Leave a comment on each post, make sure you leave me a way to reach you on your posts, ie a email address.
  • Once you've done that come back to this post and leave a comment stating which blogs you visited and a little about yourself!
  • Thats it! Make sure you come back each day for giveaways and games!
Once your entered into the main drawing your free to enter all the party games! Party game prizes will be awarded to bloggers and nonbloggers that are participating in the party!

Connor's Birthday Bash Prize List :

Current Prizes :
  • Nina and Tom - $50 gift certificate to one winner! - Nina and Tom is one our favorite designers in baby and children's tshirts! They offer a (mostly but soon to be totally) organic line of clothing that is made entirely here in the US! Some of our favorites include the "I'm this many tshirt" and the "Comfy shorts" thus far those are the only shorts that I have found that actually fit my teenie man's little waist.
  • Braincandy - Tshirt and DVD to one winner! - Braincandy is one of the best DVD series for developing minds. Featuring an unusual cast of "parts" Braincandy explores the senses in a way I have never seen till now. Truly eye candy their DVDs are beautiful and educational.
  • Umi Shoes - a pair of Pram or Prewalkers to one lucky winner - Umi is one of our favorite shoes for small feet. I would wear them myself if my feet were just a tiny bit smaller. Simply stunning shoes that will make your child stand out anywhere they walk (or crawl).
  • Riley Roos - Two pairs of Sandals to two lucky winners! - Riley Roos come in a fun selection of styles and colors as well as being soo incredibly soft on those precious little feet. A perfect and very affordable shoe for the toddler set!
  • Peppers and Pollywogs - Five Winners! - The ultimate guide to planning and hosting your child's birthday party. Without it I would have been lost in planning Connor's first birthday party!
  • Snapfish - Gift Cards to four lucky winners! - Snapfish is a great place to not only make photo copies from all those great digital prints you have, but I highly recommend that you check out their photo books which is my personal favorite.
  • Robeez Tredz - Two Pairs to Two Winners, one boy, one girl! - Made famous by their amazing soft soled shoes that are not only adorable but nearly impossible for the child to remove. I personally keep a pair in my diaper bag at all times and use them like I would socks. Robeez Tredz are the new toddler version that not only has many of the same great features of their soft soles but now sports a new outdoor safe sole as well as an extended size range for toddlers!
  • Pediped - Two winners! One 0-6m boy, One size 10 girl! From crib shoes to kindergarten, Pediped offers a line of shoes that will take your child from the bassinet to his or her first day of school! Incredibly stylish with very flexible soles, perfect for those developing feet and fashion conscious mommies.
  • Deglingos - One Winner - Some of our favorite plush friends! Each of the Delingos clan is made from a great assortment of fabrics that gives them a look and a feel unlike anything else I have seen! We love them all so much I'd have a hard time picking our favorite but Connor is awfully fond of Molos which happens to sound a lot like Melos!
  • Happy Panda Baby - FOUR Winners!! - Happy Panda has generously donated four $25 gift certificates. Happy Panda carries an adorable selection of clothing for the "tall and large" baby. Though smaller babies will also love Pam's clothing please check out the sizing chart as they run big. We especially love the panda pants and panda onesies!
  • Huggies Clean Team Products - The ENTIRE line of Clean Team Products sponsored by Huggies Clean Team! If you didn't know about Clean Team in the past, its a great line of baby, toddler, and kid friendly bath and "clean up" products including some great smelling shampoos! (I LOVE The blue melon!)
  • Bibi and Mimi - One Winner! - Bimi and Mimi offers an adorable line of soft soled shoes and matching apparel! We especially love their line of socks including the stripe baby socks! They are giving away one pair of their Monkey soft sole shoes in size 18-24m
  • Announcements Galore - One Winner! - Announcements Galore offers a gorgous selection of fully customizable invitations, announcements and collages and many of their designs you can choose to have them printed or print them yourself! They are offering one custom collage to one winner!
And from Seven Dog's own swag bag :
  • Baby Love Slings - One Winner - A toddler sling in a beautiful blue print. It was ment for a birthday present for Connor but we'd love to give it to one of our readers. We always love to share! The perfect present for a toddler or young child that grew up in his or her own sling and now wants to pamper some of their own toys/stuffed animals.
  • Lobotome - One Winner - MomMe Daily Planner a great fill in the blanks weekly planner for busy moms!
  • Gelaskins - Two Winners -The coolest way to protect your electronics! I have two ipod nano (gen 3) covers to give away!
  • An assortment of books - I'm going to be giving away an assortment of ARC books from my collection. There will be at least two winners possibly more depending on how many participants we have! Each winner will be given a choice of books to choose from until we have given away the entire stash, one book per winner.
That brings our current prize listings to well over $530!

The giveaway for the Door Prizes will end on April 27th and will be awarded the following week. Each party game will run on a standard one week entry so some of them may run a bit longer.

That brings us to Mr. Linky!


Milk Mama said...

I'm excited to celebrate Connor's birthday with 7 Dogs & a Baby. :D Looking forward to it!

CPA Mom said...

Yeah Connor! I've got this banner up on my blog and am waiting for April 17 for Mr. Linky - I think I have the perfect giveaway for this!

Doreen said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! Going to put up the banner!

Superdumb Supervillain said...

He is so cute! I mean, handsome...

Unknown said...

Yay Connor! Can't wait for the big bash!

Stacey Moore said...

what an awesome prize list!! the big day is almost here!!

Vanessa said...

Thanks for entering the Spring Fling Giveaway! You have some great prizes here, I'll have to check them out...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR! :)


Kristin said...

I will so be here! I just added the button to my blog! I am excited Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

On another note I just got my backpack ;)

Angela said...
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Bebemiqui said...

Your buttons on my sidebar!

Stephanie said...

SOunds like fun! Do we just post the banner to participate or do we also have to host a game? Thanks!

Angela said...

You just post the banner and then make a post once the party has started an sign mr linky with the direct link... if your a blogger that is.. if your not then we will have a method for non bloggers to enter too :) dont worry Ill post the full directions april 17th but for now its just post the banner :)

lace said...

This looks like a fun event. I've posted the banner in my sidebar.

Taryn said...
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Anonymous said...

They are both so cute... and the button is too!

Jen D. said...
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Joanna said...

Sounds great! I ran across your blog and added the banner. Looking forward to it! : )

Jen D. said...

I just figured out how to add the banner to my blog.

Ethan @ M80 said...

I can't wait to see what happens with our CleanTeam "Dirtiest Kid Story"'s going to be hilarious!

Happy Birthday to Connor!

M80 Parenting Blog

jenny said...

well mr linky moved and i dont know what i'm to do so well if you can help i so much would love to be part of the party thanks

Danielle said...
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HilLesha O'Nan said...

Happy Birthday Connor! :-)

Grace Acres said...

happy 1rst B-day Connor!
I have a banner up on my blog. I just celebrated my little misters 1rst birthday.

Stacy said...

I am set and the post will be up, lady friend. Happy birthday, sweet Connor.

Jamie said...

I've added my good wishes for Connor to my blog. Hope he has a fabulous birthday.

Laura said...

Happy birthday, Connor!! It's fun to be celebrating your big day with you, cyber-style.

As for a little about me, I'd like to share with you HOW MUCH I like birthdays. We celebrate true and half-birthdays in our house... any chance to celebrate is a good one, right?! My husbands birthday is coming up in may, so I'm currently on the lookout for some extra special ways to show him how loved and appreciated he is. I'm hoping to gleem some great ideas from Connor! Looking forward to the party!!

Cheers, laura
laurachilton {at} hotmail {dot} com

* I visited the following Mr. Linky blogs and posted a comment: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (others too, but that's my official 5)

Haute Again said...
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Superdumb Supervillain said...

happy big day, connor! don't eat the gift wrap...

windycindy said...

Happy Birthday, Conner! I hope you have many more happy and healthy birthdays! I just visited the "Nina
and Tom" site. They are fabulous. Their clothes are adorable. Thanks,Cindi

windycindy said...

"Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Connor, Happy Birthday to You.....
And Many More!!!!! Thanks for sharing your Birthday celebration with me.

Doreen said...

I'm all set!!

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday baby boy! Glad you Mom is allowing us to celebrate with you!!

windycindy said...

Hello! I visit five wonderful blog sites. Christine's, Joanna's, Stacey Moore's, Kristine Michelle and "Nina and Tom!" I plan on visiting their sites more often and if they had a newsletter, I signed up for it.
Many thanks.....Cindi

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Connor! My daughter just turned one 2 weeks ago and since then she has just blossomed! It's like she knew she wasn't a baby anymore. :)

I visited Jo-jo's Place, Did you see that?, Welcome to the Motherhood, Keeping my fingers crossed and silly mommy of 2 silly girls. katebeth45ATgmailDOTcom

Sweetpea said...

Happy Birthday to Connor

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Connor!
I visited stacey moore's blog, carol's bloggy contests II, mommyology, superdumbsupervillain, and Doreen's Place.

Elizabeth doot65(at)comcast{dot}net
I'm a mom of 2 kids and I absolutely love scrapbooking!

This is a fun party and turning one is the cutest birthday our kids have!

Andrea said...

I know that most of your contests are open to US addresses only...but this one doesn't it open to Canadians too? Because I'd love to join the party then. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Connor! I visited the following blogs:
Ninaandtom, Naomi from superdumb supervillain, joanna, stacey moore, and danielle.
My first baby boy will be one in June. Can't believe how fast his bday is approaching. So much happens in this first year!
Your blog is in my favorites and I visit you almost everyday.
Stephanie V.

Haute Again said...


Congrats Connor and Angela!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Connor
Happy Birthday to you


Anonymous said...

Please forgive me if this posts twice. I'm not absolutely sure my first post went through.

Happy birthday Connor! I am not a blogger because I'm not sure I'd have the skills to start and/or update one. I do, however, enjoy reading others blogs and indulging in their lives. I am a 31 yoa married mother of three children (girl 14 and boys 9 and 8) and three step-children (girls 13, 7, and 5). It is quite a blended family but I wouldn't have it any other way. I work as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the local fire, police, ambulance, sheriff agency. I enjoy scrapbooking, entering sweepstakes, camping, and spending time with friends/family.
I visited 7 of the blog sites. I enjoyed going to them and reading them. Here's the 7 I visited and posted on:
1. All Because Two People Fell In Love
2. Mommy Mandy
3. Happy Is A Choice
4. Welcome to the Motherhood
5. Kristys Stuff
6. Kailas Mommy
7. Seeryus Mama
Love the giveaway prizes. Hope I win one.


sweetsue said...

Hi, my name is Susan and I am a mom of three and a grandmother of four. I want to wish Connor the most wonderful birthday!I visited Searching for Sanity, Silly Mom of Two Silly Girls, Superdumb Villain, Seeryus Mama, and Kristine Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Connor !!!!!
I'm a SAMH, I don't have a blog but I like reading them.

I made a comment on the following posts:
Jo-Jo's Place
Welcome to the Motherhood
All Because Two People Fell In Love
Keeping My Fingers Crossed
Happy is a Choice
Carol's Bloggy Contests II
superdumb supervillain
silly mommy of 2 silly girls
Doreen's Place
An Ordinary Life
Seeryus Mama
Goddless Drama
brand w


goalmom said...

Happy Birthday to Connor!! I'm the mother of three children. My eldest is graduating from high school, and my youngest is in kindergarten. As you mentioned, they sure do grow up fast. Enjoy every moment with them! The sites I visited are:
1. Krisine Michelle
2. ninaandtom
3. Naomi from superdumb supervillain
4. nor lou (Silly Mommy of 2 Silly Girls)
5. Kristin
6. Amanda


Mary512 said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

I visited
CPA Mommy
JoJos Place
An Ordinary Life
Mommyology &
Keeping My fingers Crossed


Kara said...

Happy birthday, Connor, I hope you've had a fabulous first year! It really does go so quickly, I didn't believe people when they told me that during my daughter's first 3 months of life, but now as we're approaching her first birthday at the end of May I find myself continually asking where did all the time go!

I visited most of the sites that were listed above me on the link, and left my first 5 comments on Joanna, NinaandTom, Kristin, Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland and Andrea's blogs.

Like you, I'm a first time mom approaching my little girl's first birthday. My hubby and I live in the Phoenix area, are both teachers (him in a high school, me at Arizona State) and I am working on finishing my dissertation in history.

Anonymous said...

I've posted at Searching for Sanity, Amanda, Did You See That, Superdumb Supervillian, and Happy is a Choice as Becca. Thanks for the great giveaways!

beccachristensen at hotmail dot com

Unknown said...

I visited(well, I visited most of them, but I actually commented on:)

I am a SAHM of a three year old girl and twenty month old boy. A transplant from MA living in TX(and hating it). A baker, a clothing designer, a sewer and crafter. A whiner, a stress case and a grouch. A lover, a kisser of boo-boos, a teller of bedtime stories. Also about a billion other things :p

wiredalive at hotmail dot com

1stopmom said...

This is so cool. It is my first online birthday party!! Happy birthday Conner!!!
bacon74 at 1stopmom dot com

Suzie Williams said...

Happy birthday Connor! I visited Superdumb Supervillain, My Godless Drama, Adventures in Mommyland, Mommy Mandy, and Mommyology.

I'm a SAHM to two kids- 2 1/2 and a 2 month old. I don't currently blog, partially because I'm not a very good writer, but I love reading blogs.

arbrashears said...

Happy Birthday to Connor! Hooray!

Not a blogger, but I visited the following sites and posted on his birthday!

1) Joanna
2) CPA Mom
7) lace
9) CarolSue
17) Kristin
26) Andrea

Hope your celebration is wonderful!


phxbne said...

Happy Birthday Connor and Congratulations Mama!

I visited Joanna, CPA Mom, Doreen, brnady w and Andrea

I am Mom to a 3 year old who is addicted to contests - partly because of your great Prizeatron blog!

Betty N said...

I visited and posted a comment on the following 5 sites:
Jo Jo's Place
Welcome to the Motherhood
Superdumb Supervillian

I posted as Betty
hi dot grandma at verizon dot net
thanks for letting non bloggers enter your contests; even though I don't blog, I do enjoy visiting the sites.

Erika said...

Happy birthday, Connor! My little guy will also be one on May 3rd...we need to make a date! :) Now excuse me while I go babyproof the living room!

Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

I posted about Connor's first birthday. My baby is also having a first birthday soon, so first birthdays have been on my mind.

Unknown said...

Having fun celebrating with everyone! Connor is such a wild partier!

dansan826 at

Mommie Daze said...

Hey, I'm wishing Connor a Happy Birthday over on Mommie Daze. And kudos to Mom too for making it through the first year. It's the hardest thing you'll ever do, but the best!

Timster said...

This sounds like a lot of fun!

Tam said...

What a gret way to Celebrate a Childs first birthday! I love this and am excited to be a part of something like this! My first childs 1st birthday was one were i requested that everyone bring a letter for him so that years later we could read them...sort of like a time capsule. Then when he turned 2 I had everyone bring their Favorite book for him and we gave everyone a copy of our favorite book! Again Happy 1st birthday little one!

Anonymous said...

Hi to Connor and Connor's mommy,
I'm Kathy or (Miss Kathy to Connor) and I posted about the big bash on my blog. I just wanted to say "Hello and Happy Birthday. Have a great one and don't forget to make a wish when you blow out your candle."

GrowingRopers said...

FUN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNER! My son just turned 3!

Scarlett said...

Happy birthday, Connor! It's my niece's birthday too- she was born this morning! So I'm sitting in the hospital writing this. Ummm... more about me... I live in Florida and love to craft.

I visited:
Lipstick to Crayons (though I forgot to leave my email address there).
JoJos Place
Did You See That?
All Because Two People Fell in Love
My Trendy Tykes
Mommie Daze

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Connor! said...

WOW!! You have some great things to give away!! happy birthday to Connor!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Connor!

Ann said...

Happy birthday Connor, have a lovely day, week!!!!
I visited the following blogs: 15 Nor Lou, 18 Amanda, 26 Andrea, 36 Ginny, 37 Paige.
My little girl will be 1 on the 3rd of June and I can't wait!! I can't believe how quick time has gone by. With 3 kids it seems to go faster than usual.
Thanks for the giveaway.
ann dot guns at mac dot com

Cherie said...

Love me a blog party!! So glad I found you. I love making new friends!!

Jen Mc said...

I'm a SAHM to a 11 month old boy. Thanks for having some great giveaways in honor of Connor's First Birthday as well as the rest of the year.

I visited:
My Trendy Tykes
My Goddless Drama
Did You See That?
Life is Like a Mountain Railway
Multitasking Mama

Happy Birthday Connor!


Taryn said...

I just visited: Stacy at Goddless Drama, Mountain Railway, Multitasking Mama, Feels like Home, and Gourmet Mom.

I'm at SAHM to one DS who's almost 2 (it does go soooo fast)!

Amira M said...

The picture looks so nice and professional! Happy birthday to connor!

i visited 3, 12, 32, 39, and 54...thanks for the chance!

amiramurphy at gmail dot com

-Me- said...

Thank you so much for letting me be a part of Connor's first birthday celebration...lots of fun :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Connor!
I got you blogged :)

Anonymous said...

I visited:

Seeryus Mama
Multitasking Mama
My Godless Drama
A Monkey on the Roof
Adventures in Mommyland

I'm a SAHM of 8 month old Peyton!

Happy birthday, Connor!

Nydia said...

Hello! Thanks for your lovely comment on my candle box giveaway, and good luck! I1d love to try winning one of those giveaways of yours, but being a Brazilian resident, is it possible? Let me know!
Kisses from Nydia.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for entering my contest! I have Connor's banner on my blog! Happy 1st birthday, Connor!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us share in your precious boy's special day! Happy Birthday Little Man! My little man is 18 months old and I have been blessed enough to be a stay-at-home Mommy, so as you know there's never a dull moment! We live in South GA, so we have been enjoying the warm weather and you'll find us outside exploring most days! I visited Welcome To The Motherhood, Nina & Tom (Awesome shirts-have to have one of the # tees for my little man's next birthday!), Superdumb Supervillan, An Ordinary Life, and Lipstick to Crayons....Just to name a few! All awesome blogs! Thanks for such a fun Birthday Bash...Such a great way to meet new Mommies!

Terri Dell said...

I visited

I don't have a blog of my own but now that I've finally figured out how to blog, I love visiting the many wonderful sites on the net.

Unknown said...

Are you going to separate Poe and Ice Bat!!!OOOHHHH NOOO! If thats the case, I will give him a good home. He is going to need a lot of love. We have that here. We'll adopt him! Love Gato. He kept following me aroud...a bit of a stalker really..he is very sweet though. I think he just wants to play...his buddies are being a little boreing! Happy B-day Connor!

Unknown said...

Almost 60 members! Your doing good, its getting hard to keep up and check them all out!
dansan826 at

Unknown said...

Happy first birthday Conner! I hope its the best one ever. Yippee.

Rockin' Mama said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Hoping to get some ideas for my son's first birthday coming up in June!

Dr. Dolly (@drdolly) said...

happy birthday, connor! your birthday banner is on my blog :-)

Brooke said...

YAY! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Hope it's a fun day for you and your family.

I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids- almost 16 and 3. I like to read when I have time and bake. I collect penguins- they take over my small home.

I visited the following blogs on Mr. Linky:
silly mommy of 2 silly girls
Feels like Home
Thrifty Jinxy
Mommie Daze
Gourmet Mom on-the-Go


Brooke said...

Ooops! I congratulated, but forgot the rest!

I'm a mom of 3 in Brooklyn, NY.

I visited the most of the sites, but I Happy Birthday'ed the following sites on your behalf:

#24 Brandy W
#26 Andrea
#27 Adventures in Mommyland
#28 Andrea
#32 Lipstick to Crayons

Jenna said...

Woo-hoo! Did I get here right under the wire or what?


My little one turned 1 last month, and it was so exciting and sad all at once. Can't believe she's a "toddler" now. I LOVE Connor's birthday photos. What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

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