Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sometimes you just need a to giggle a little!

Giggles in the Garden
by Dr Linda Felker & Phyllis R Spence

Some days are just better than others.. and my day today is getting a little stressful with a five page paper due on Friday, two tests this week, and some days it just feels like people need things from me that I just don't have the energy to give. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mother (If I could afford it.. Id have five!!), and I am grateful I have the ability to go to school (as much as I hate it most of the time), but there are days you just want to scream... "ENOUGH".

Out of full disclosure I'd like to say that one of the Authors, Phyillis Spence, is family. Though I don't get the pleasure to see her very often reading her book gave me a little insight into my own life and even some of my own quirks. Giggles in the Garden is Phyllis's first book along with her long time best friend Linda Felker its arranged in short story form. In many ways I would almost classify it as a devotional as each story has a directly link to the scripture but I think those of you out there that may not be that interested in devotionals you will find enjoyment and humor just in the stories that these ladies share about their life.

I had to laugh as the short story "Cell Phones Can't Swim" as Phyillis shared her story about accidentally taking her cell phone swimming. The best part is she didn't realize she had taken the phone swimming until after taking two showers and a long swim. I can't help to imagine her in the pool, cell phone tucked away in the top part of her suit (yes yes all the women reading know what I mean by that). Can you imagine what a sight she must have been that phone tucked into the top of her bathing suit! If that phone actually would had survived the swim and rang while she was in the pool you can just picture the look on her face! I won't lie, its something I would do myself as I openly admit I can be a space cadet at times.. (ok all the time).

Needless to say, I needed a little break today and even more so a laugh.. and Giggles in the Garden certainly helped! Phyillis would just say "Keep the Corners Turned Up!" If you want to know what that means.. you'll have to read her book!

Giggles in the Garden is available on Amazon!


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