Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My recycled mailers actually are starting to look pretty again!

Anyone who has ever won one of my giveaways by now has figured out that though I love great paper products I cannot and will not let a perfectly good mailer go to the landfill before I at least see it make one more trip, what happens to it after that is up to the person who receives it! My only regret up till now is that the packages going out of here are not always as pretty nor do they look as thoughtful as the ones coming in. Though personally I would rather save some trees than have the most beautifully wrapped mail, it sometimes does make me a bit sad to see my recycled packages beside the beautiful ones arriving for review.

Well, PSA Essentials made my day, as their self inking stampers makes a HUGE difference in the way I feel about my outgoing mail. I got a personalized stamper for our return address that actually makes me giddy when I am making my address labels! Along with their AWESOME stampers they sell a line of note cards with a blank in the middle just the right size for your stamp. You can impress your friends and family with your new "personalized" stationary!!! I just love the stripes and argyle patterns. I have to admit I am so excited about my personalized stamper that even though the postage rates are going up AGAIN.. I still feel a bit giddy when its time to start packing up all the giveaways to send them off. I know its just an address stamp, but the fact that it was made just for me, makes me feel kinda special.

Want one of your own? Check out the PSA Essentials store locator!


FawnGeorge said...

I really like the Silver Rectangle Gated locket. I like them all.

monky said...

I love the locket bracelets here adorable!

Thank you for the great giveaway!


dhunt said...

love the braclets.

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