Thursday, April 17, 2008

Huggies Clean Team to the Rescue...

I had the worst experience this morning when it comes to messy babies.. which is ironic as I was planning on doing this review today.

I was in the kitchen making Connor's breakfast half asleep when Connor's dad comes around the corner and says "Um I think Connor went poop..." and of course my response is "Did you check?".. and all he says is "No.. I don't need to.. just go look" and of course he is off to leave me to the disaster that is about to happen.

Connor in the meantime is happily crawling across the living room floor.. just as happy as a clam smiling and cooing and up to his usual 6am nonsense (how can one person be so freakin happy that early in the morning) and I look down and there is a huge brown stain on his back. Needless to say after a couple of choice words I head into the bedroom to change him and his clothes. What I found was enough runny poop that you would have thought six babies made the mess not one... (mind you I had just changed him not even 15 minutes before hand with a poopy diaper) the poop debacle not only filled up his diaper to monumental proportions but it also extended up his back and all the way to his hairline and into the base of his hair. Serious.. I am not joking. It took everything I had to take the clothes off of him without choking and I have a strong stomach.

It was so bad I ended up having to do an emergency diaper removal from the house as this diaper was NOT suitable for the diaper pail. We had our Huggies Cleanteam moist wipes by the crib so I ended up just flushing them in the toilet (yay for flushables!) I really love the flushable wipes for traveling too as if you have a mess and your in a friend or family member's bathroom its great to just flush them away. Not to mention they are great for adults too as sometimes we have our own messes that need to be flushed. *cough*

So I stripped him down naked, covered with poop, and threw him in the bath tub.. and I'm seriously telling you it took me almost getting out a scrub brush to get that poop off of him. Once I did get most of the "mess" off it was time to soap him off and get the smell off.. I soaped and soaped and soaped with my regular baby wash and still he stunk. Then I remembered I had laid out the Huggies Cleanteam samples in the bathroom closet so I would try them out. I ended up using the Sammy The Snake Extra Conditioning Shampoo on his entire body and hair which has the best blue melon scent, I just LOVE it, and he came out smelling better than ever.

Needless to say when it was all said and done I felt as if I should take another shower myself, but instead ended up cleaning up with the Huggies Cleanteam handsoap. If you guys have not seen its COOL dispenser you have got to check it out. Every time you use the pump Henry Hippo lights up and blinks so your kids (or yourself) know how long they "should" be washing your hands. It was a great reminder as I know that even I can cut it short especially when your spending most of your day running after a wild monkey named Connor!

Head on over to Huggies Cleanteam and check them out yourself. I really highly recommend the Sammy Snake Shampoo (you will want to use it yourself it smells so great) I really have to get some of Billy Buffalo body wash to go with it! Also head on over to M80s Parents Blog to hear more about Huggies Cleanteam!


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